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You Didn't Fail, You Just Didn't Stop Soon Enough

Many people have started a new program in the last two weeks and the difference between success and failure will come down to a very simple idea.

Do you get it ALL at once or do you reset and get it in big chunks.

For instance, if you went into this year with a mindset of losing 50 pounds (or really any amount) how you approach it will matter because it’s the difference between figuring it out and failing again.

First, I get the temptation to want to get it all now. That way you can be done, also, effort matters a lot. If someone comes to us with some bad habits and is mostly inactive and loses 30 pounds, often they can get the other 20 with effort alone.

But let’s take effort out of the equation for this example. For this example we are going to focus on approach.

And once again, starting with a few bad habits and inactivity (for the most part) will net you some MAJOR progress when you reverse that trend. So 30 pounds in one fat loss cycle isn’t uncommon.

If you have most things locked down and you are active there are some good things about that, you are probably for the most part, healthy. So weight loss is more of a want than a need.

For most people there are really two phases, the “clean” things up phase and the “I want to look like I workout hard'' phase. In both phases approach matters.

Let me show you the difference between our approach and the approach where you just keep dieting.

With our approach you lose 30 pounds in roughly 15 weeks. Once again, this is roughly dependent on your habits now and how active you are. This is the one instance where it actually works to your favor to need a big change.

By most accounts ONE pound a week is a good result and in both instances that’s exactly how much you will lose, tell me which approach you think is better.

We have already talked about the first 15 weeks, so that’s off the table and with our approach you have lost 30 pounds. Obviously, like I said, the more change you need the better the result will often be.

Now let’s add 15 weeks at the end of the year to lose the additional 20, after all, your habits and activity will have changed. So 30 weeks out of the year you will be eating less than normal.

Even that has caveats, most places give you one number and you kind of have to suck it up for all 52 weeks even though, from a diet adherence standpoint most people fail using this method, this isn’t how we do it. We tier things down which is why we can often get more out of a cycle than just using the one number and suck it up approach.

In fact, our LOWEST numbers are very close to the one number and suck it up approach. But instead of 52 weeks, you will be there roughly FOUR weeks!

That’s right, pretty crazy. The one caveat I will say is that if you are still losing weight in bunches your ONE ON ONE coach will keep pushing you to make the most progress. So that could net out to be 6-8 weeks in some cases. That’s still a lot better than the other approach.

So what happens in the other 22 weeks? Well, that’s the other way we address fat loss, in fact, many people that THINK they need to lose 50 pounds often only need to lose 40 because of what I am about to tell you.

Once again, effort always matters but exercise isn’t as good for WEIGHT LOSS as most people think.


There is a lot to what I am about to say but there are two instances where people gain muscle at a pretty good clip (women often like to refer to this as toning). The first instance is when you are under fed and you properly approach good nutrition with a good training plan. Good nutrition in this instance means you normalize food at a certain point so that you can turn some of that fat into muscle. The other instance is where someone is completely new to training or has taken significant time off.

In these instances it’s VERY common to replace 6-10 pounds of fat with muscle. So that’s why I say if you add 10 pounds of muscle you literally go from needing to lose 50 pounds to 40 pounds.

That’s pretty cool, right!

So not only is this a much better approach but often the suck it up for 52 weeks approach leaves you kind of washed out with not a lot of muscle. After all, you have spent 52 weeks under-eating and under performing because of a lack of energy from food. Coffee and preworkout can only do so much and with our method, if those work for you, they just add to the energy you have.

The nice thing about this approach is that it gives you 6-10 pounds of wiggle room going into the last phase.

So there are your options, use a smart approach with a One on One coach that customizes your plan.

Or, use a cookie cutter approach and the most you will get is a “suck it up” cheerleader.

In both instances you land in roughly the same spot but in our instance you will often end up with a lot less fat, rather than just weight.

It’s not too late to get in on our biggest challenge of the year and take advantage of our NEW YEARS SALE. Simply hit the link below and a coach can walk you through what your EXACT plan would look like.

Also you can talk in REAL TIME to a coach by hitting the button on the bottom right of that page.

Even the programs that reverse don’t do a good job because they cave to the fear of their clients or they let AI (artificial intelligence) do the work.



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Paul Nobles Jr
Jan 18, 2022

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