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Eat To Perform

We help you break the shackles of endless dieting

Eat To Perform puts the focus back on your health so you can break the chain of fad dieting.

Your health is not a 30 day sprint to a number on the scale. You deserve more.

You deserve to fit into your favorite jeans and feel your best. You deserve to chase your family on the front yard, without your weight holding you back.

That's why we exist. We coach you through diet cycles, teaching you to eat food so your body feels satisfied and thrives, while you lose weight.

We are a team of 70 and we are here to help you step into the person you were born to be. We are here to help you Eat To Perform.


Education is at our forefront to serve you best

We partner with advisors leading the science and research in our industry, including Dr. Susan Kleiner, who you'll meet on member webinars and Sundays with Susan. Dr. Kleiner is a published author and nutrition advisor to the WNBA.


Education is at our forefront to serve you best

Our diet cycle algorithm was built by wicked smart scientists with PhDs. We tell you exactly when to diet and when to take breaks (yes, you'll take breaks) so you lose the most weight, at the fastest rate.


Education is at our forefront to serve you best

Every Coach completes a rigorous ETP certification, in addition to their own personal Nutrition or Personal Training certifications.

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Meet your Eat To Perform Coaches

Along with their credentials, every Coach started out as an ETP member. Their first-hand knowledge allows them to serve you best.`

Coach Tara
Coach Rachelle
Coach Michelle
Coach McCall
Coach Maggie
Coach Lisa
Coach Leah
Coach Jodi
Coach Jennifer
Coach Denise
Coach Darla
Coach Jessie
Coach Paul
Coach Stephanie
Coach Jaci
Coach Becky
Coach Cindy
Coach Crystal
Coach Betsy
Coach Devon
Coach Elijah
Coach Francine
Coach Sarah
Coach Jenni

Hi there, I'm Paul. And I was obese.

A decade of boom and bust dieting got me there. Finally, I said to myself “I am too smart to be this unhealthy.”

I realized there had to be a more strategic way of dieting. And here’s the "secret" I figured out : Short, focused periods of fat loss are the key to losing weight. I learned to diet intense, within a defined period of time.

I lost 93 lbs through this method.

I went on to hire really smart PhDs to test and refine my plan. And now ten years and 250,000 people later, Eat To Perform is here to break the chain of bad diets.

I built the method and have kept weight off. And now it's your turn.

Paul Nobles, Eat To Perform Founder


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