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Membership Terms & Conditions

  • Free Trial: Any free trial period on an Eat To Perform coaching program will start immediately once the client submits payment information. Once the trial period is over, the client will automatically be charged for their coaching program/package in accordance with the selected subscription.
  • Commitment: Once the client's trial period is over (if applicable), the client will automatically be charged for their coaching program/package in accordance with the subscription package selected. There are no contracts and the client can cancel at any time. The client will be charged the subscription fee until the subscription is canceled with the Eat To Perform Customer Support team.
  • Refunds: The client's subscription charge will recur. The client may cancel at any time, but subscription fees are non-refundable.

Lifetime Membership Terms & Conditions

If you opt to use the special discount, you cannot also pro-rate your membership. The special discount will cover the pro-rated total, plus save you more. There are no transfers, cancellations or refunds.

ETP Health Terms & Conditions

Client may cancel at the end of the service contract however subscription fees are non-refundable. Eat To Perform Health includes access to a virtual health clinic with a video lab review and virtual Dr. visit. Please note that a Dr. signed health physical within the last year is required. Access to the ETP Health Weight program with Weight Loss Medication is determined by your Pre-Screen Survey, followed by review of your Intake Form after purchasing. If your Intake Form is not approved, you will be fully refunded (please allow 5-10 days for your refund to credit back to your account).Any prescriptions or supplements prescribed in your lab review are optional and sold separately. Eat To Perform's (hereinafter “ETP”), Health Liaison (hereinafter “HL”) are not licensed health care professionals and do not provide medical services. Any information provided by ETP's HL's is not medical advice and is for general educational information only. ETP assumes no responsibility for any circumstances arising out of the use, misuse, interpretation, or application of any information supplied by ETP's HL's. Eat To Perform disclaims all responsibility for ETP's HLs, and patients are responsible for contacting their physician or health care professional for all matters related to medical advice, appropriate examinations, treatment, testing, and health care recommendations related to ETP services or products. Medications are sourced from a compound pharmacy. ETP Health is available in the US Only.