NEW! Eat To Perform Nutrition coaching is now complemented with weight loss medication.

Get access to Eat To Perform Health and pair your Eat To Perform online nutrition coaching with doctor-prescribed medication.

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Have you been frustrated by:

  • Trying to eat healthy, but having a hard time losing weight on your own?

  • Worried about long term issues from high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, but can't seem to lose weight?

  • Wanting to try weight loss medication, but aren't sure where to get access or if you'll have to be on it forever?

Take the next step. Find out if you qualify.

We'll help you get access to weight loss medication and pair it with Eat To Perform Nutrition Coaching (so you lose weight and keep it off).

ETP Health Liaison

Get started for under $50 and enroll with Special Bonuses. To see if you qualify and to ask any questions, enter your details below and Sarah, our ETP Health Liaison, will reach out to you.
Available in the US only.

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Perform Work

How does Eat To Perform work with weight loss medication?

Our role remains consistent with what it's been historically: it's better to NOT diet most of the time.

Use of medication for weight loss aligns with our approach to lose weight with short deficit cycles, our belief is these medications should not be taken continuously for long-periods of time.

Weight loss medications may help make the dieting part of our program easier or more effective during Fat Loss.

Our goal is to help you with the reversal process to normalize calories while you wean off of the medication. This is where we can help you manage and minimize weight regain.

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Choose Your Bonus Image

How It Works

  • Step 1: Fill out the form and complete the short Pre-Screen Survey to find out if you qualify for Eat To Perform Health.

  • Step 2: Sarah (yes, a real person on the other end!), our ETP Health Liaison, will walk you through your options and you can decide if ETP Nutrition Coaching and Weight Loss Medication is right for you.

  • Step 3: Enroll in Nutrition Coaching with Eat To Perform Health Weight Loss Medication. You will receive lab work, a 30-minute lab video review with your Health Care Coordinator and an action plan. Share your plan with your ETP Nutrition Coach so they can help you get the best results.

*There are no transfers, cancellations or refunds. ETP Health with Weight Loss Medication is an add-on service with 3 months of prescribed medication. You must be an active ETP nutrition member to order. Access to the ETP Health Weight program with Weight Loss Medication is determined by your Pre-Screen Survey, followed by review of your Intake Form after purchasing. If your Intake Form is not approved, you will be fully refunded (please allow 5-10 days for your refund to credit back to your account). Eat To Perform’s (hereinafter “ETP”), Health Liaison (hereinafter “HL”) are not licensed health care professionals and do not provide medical services. Any information provided by ETP’s HL’s is not medical advice and is for general educational information only. ETP assumes no responsibility for any circumstances arising out of the use, misuse, interpretation, or application of any information supplied by ETP’s HL’s. Eat To Perform disclaims all responsibility for ETP’s HLs, and patients are responsible for contacting their physician or health care professional for all matters related to medical advice, appropriate examinations, treatment, testing, and health care recommendations related to ETP services or products. Medications are sourced from a compound pharmacy. ETP Health available in the US Only.