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Eat To Perform exists because of this woman, Lovetta Blalock.

Eat To Perform exists because of this woman, Lovetta Blalock.

She was my grandmother and my symbol of strength in so many ways.

I want you to notice that she is squatting in this picture and has a muscular frame.

The reason why I want you to notice this is because 50 years ago that was not valued by society.

Right now, it is. There are a lot of negatives that come from the internet but one of the positives is that being a strong woman is NOW a goal that is valued.

There is another part to this story though, the part that made Eat To Perform. My grandmother worked in a small machine factory and injured her back.

An injury that today would not have crippled her the way that it did back then.

It was that injury that caused her to blindly look for ways to keep weight off.

I don’t recall a day of her life where she wasn’t dieting. Of course when I would visit her on Saturday’s we would go to McDonald’s and by the time we got home she had eaten all the fries in the bag.

She was hungry.

I think whatever strength she had left she pushed into me and now I try to share my strength with all of you.

Dieting took my grandmother too young. She was always sick, always weak and I was too young to remember the version of my grandmother in this picture.

She would have loved all of this and she would have loved all of you putting in the hard work to live strong and joyous lives.

She would have loved to know that you could build a more capable life AROUND the food you eat. Rather than eating as little as possible for a happiness that alluded her.

She would have loved to know that food could be eaten for joy and that it can make you more capable......

But since you can't, you can (and I hope you do)

PS One of the reasons it infuriates me when people say “clearly you must be over eating to weigh that much” is that it is a nuanced statement. It sounds like a fact but it’s not science based.

The reality is this, all diets are meant to be temporary so this idea of “it’s not a diet it's a lifestyle” was how my grandmother lived. She ate very little, was inactive as a result and she died prematurely sick and weak.

I mean if eating less was JUST the answer wouldn’t we all be lean by now? Clearly there is more to the story and the worst part about it is this.....

The diet industry knows there is more to the story, they just don’t believe there is a lot of money in selling you that piece.

Even the programs that reverse don’t do a good job because they cave to the fear of their clients or they let AI (artificial intelligence) do the work.



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Paul Nobles Jr
Dec 19, 2022

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