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How Bad is Yo Yo dieting? Real bad and this is why....Part 1

Let’s talk about what yo-yo dieting does to the body, and why it actually often accelerates weight gain.⁣

TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) is the amount of calories that your body needs to thrive. If you are eating 2500 calories as a woman, and 3000 calories as a man from mostly whole foods, you are doing great.⁣ (PS for most people just getting to 2000 for women and 2500 for men is a good start)

But if you aren’t, you are in a deficit – which means you are dieting.⁣

The science on this is clear, the closer you eat toward your TDEE, the less likely your body is going to store fat in any meaningful way. So dieting can and should be viewed as an ACCELERANT to weight gain when done wrong.⁣

If you are reading this and thinking “if I ate 2500 calories a day, I would certainly gain weight” - you have it backwards.⁣

It’s because you don’t eat closer to your TDEE that you are constantly trying to eat less. So let me explain what that does.⁣

BMR is the amount of calories your body needs to function. When you diet, your BMR goes lower. When you combine dieting with extreme exercise (long distance running, CrossFit or any exercise with intensity) your BMR is affected.⁣

If you are on your first diet and did short deficit cycles of about 3 months, your BMR wouldn’t be affected much, but enough that you would want to heal and return your BMR back to normal. ⁣

So how do you do that? You have to go back to 2500 calories. ⁣

If this is your first diet, returning back to normal can happen pretty fast. In fact, faster is actually better. It still needs to be managed, but the quicker you can get back to normal, the quicker your body can thrive.⁣

But what if you know you have been eating lower than 2500 calories for a very long time, like say, when you started in your late teens? While faster is better, the weight fluctuations would probably get to you a bit. ⁣

Additionally, if your body wants you to be at 140 lbs genetically, and you want to be at 120 lbs - I hope you can see the problem with that.⁣

The body wants to grow. It wants to give and help you hold onto muscle so that you can do awesome things.⁣

Stay Tuned for Part 2

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