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The Difference Between Men and Women in Weight Loss Starts Early

Most days I wake up to a pot of coffee, some days my wife and I drink it all, most days there is usually a bit left.

The exception being two days a week, our low days.

One of things that CUSTOM gets you is a much better approach, mentally and physically. As an example, my highest day (super day) is still around 2,250 and as long as I am losing weight there is no reason to change that. Especially being down six pounds in two weeks.

The reason why Cookie Cutter plans aren’t as good is because many will have guys eating 1,500 calories for men or 1,200 for women.

That’s a mistake, you shouldn’t have to go that low on most days to see significant weight loss but you certainly shouldn’t be doing it RIGHT OUT THE GATE.

Some people get frustrated when I say that because they are eating like that now and often have been for some time.

Someone absolutely needs to tell you there is a better way to do it.

Today my calories will be about 1800, I am .2 from my lowest and I expect tomorrow will be my lowest weight for this cycle. That’s another thing WEIGHT NEEDS TO GO UP AND DOWN.

I eat 2,250 calories on Friday on purpose. TO SEND MY WEIGHT UP!

Then the rest of the week I work to get whatever nature will give me but often aim for about 2 pounds a week, especially in the beginning. Now if you have been dieting since you were 15 years old all of this is going to sound crazy.

“Why would someone intentionally eat more?”

This is where women didn’t get good enough information, often all the way back to high school. I am speaking as a generalization because everyone is a bit different and I know there are different case scenarios.

But men in high school were trying to build muscle.

And women in high school were dieting.

(Just to be clear, I went to High School in the 80's, things are a bit better now but they are also worse in a lot of ways too because kids have more access to information)

Now I know some people are going to want my head for that statement but it’s mostly true. Certainly in some cases a diet was warranted (or at least some people thought it was) but I have worked with another late teens to know that when late teens pair food and exercise the result is magic (we don’t work with teens unless it’s for performance macros and even then it’s rare).

For some reason we have celebrated the people that eat less and the people that eat more and do more often get “wow, you literally eat all of the time”.

Yes, physiology 101 is that if you want to build muscle and get lean food needs to be part of the equation.

Which brings me back to the friend that I am doing this with, who happens to be a woman. While she didn’t necessarily feel a want to be smaller in high school. She was certainly aware.

Now let me be clear, men have one HUGE advantage over women in terms of weight loss. TESTOSTERONE but many men, especially at my age, have low testosterone levels. I don’t but that’s a story for another day.

So my friend probably isn’t going to lose as much weight as I will even though she is eating less than I am now. (I would have to look but I think her high day is around 1800 and low day 1500 by comparison).

And while my friend hasn’t dieted much in her life she was much more aware earlier than I was of eating less.

One thing I don’t want to leave on the table just in case people aren’t picking up what I am laying down.

MEN start dieting later than women, that’s a huge advantage because there is a cost to eating less, especially when you do it often. So MEN were accidentally taught how to keep their metabolism going when they were younger.

And by contrast WOMEN weren’t as if there was no cost to eating less. In fact, it often gets celebrated even in situations where there were better options (see my teen comment above).

This feels like a good place to stop and I get it, we have a lot of obesity and it seems like someone saying people should be eating more “feels wrong”.

What I am not saying is that people should be over consuming all of the time. That is certainly a recipe for disaster. I am simply saying we know more about our favorite show on Netflix than we do about how our bodies work and that needs to change.

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Even the programs that reverse don’t do a good job because they cave to the fear of their clients or they let AI (artificial intelligence) do the work.



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Paul Nobles Jr
Apr 18, 2022

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