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Shortcuts Are the Reason You Are Still Looking for Answers

“Explain to me the reason you would give yourself explosive diarrhea?”

That was the question to a friend that was on the third day of a cleanse/detox.

His reasoning was that things sort of got away from him and he wanted to clean things up a bit.

I said “come on man, your weights a little higher and you thought cleansing your bowels was an answer to that problem?”

To his credit he said, “yes, I do” and then he said “I am down 5 pounds and feel great”

With a little back and forth we talked about why it wasn’t smart to destroy his gut flora and why it would make much more sense to gradually move to more fermented and whole foods for a bit.

Then I explained what comes next.

If you have ever done a colonoscopy or something to that effect usually it takes 7-10 days…..

Wait, let’s stop there, a detox is EXTREMELY similar to colonoscopy prep. It’s very common for colonoscopy prep to cause dehydration and you have to be very careful. Which means that they “cleanse” you bought at the department store probably isn’t giving you great advice on the label.

But back to the after effects and why they are important. You are basically going to be constipated for quite some time until your gut flora has been built back up.

Oh, and there is this, the weight just basically comes back because for the most part you are dealing with more water than waste. Not to mention that you are barely addressing your fat stores at all. Now I get it, many of the people taking these kinds of extreme measures FEEL better seeing the scale lower. When I did my last colonoscopy I dropped seven pounds.

When things regulated I was still down a few pounds and did use the opportunity to clean things up a bit. Eventually however all the weight came back….

As it should.

Look, I get it more than anyone, I have tried virtually everything in order to lose weight. I once had a lady say to me that she was going to do a cleanse and THEN join Eat To Perform.

Like I said, I heard “I am going to have three days of explosive diarrhea and then join your program” I said to her, “why not just do it the right way?”

Here is what we teach, most of the time you shouldn’t be dieting but if you are considering a cleanse or detox you can probably run a successful deficit cycle and get great results.

Once that is done we teach you how to maintain that success with an eye to more success in the future. It really is that simple.

Or, you can keep chasing rainbows. How is that working by the way?

I am not saying that flippantly, I am trying to point out that chasing shortcuts keeps landing you in the wrong spot. I know, I did that for close to ten years before I realized a more patient and strategic way of doing things is actually better.

But to be crystal clear, detoxes and cleanses not only are not helpful, not useful, in a lot of cases they can be very harmful.

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Even the programs that reverse don’t do a good job because they cave to the fear of their clients or they let AI (artificial intelligence) do the work.



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Paul Nobles Jr
Mar 7, 2022

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