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Naughty and Nice Food Lists Aren't Helpful

This is less of a thing now but about 5-7 years ago it was all the rage.

It was sort of like smoking. If you had never considered smoking before and then someone told you it was bad for you all of sudden you couldn't stop thinking about smoking or wanting to smoke.

Look, if you have been over doing it for a bit you shouldn't need to go to "food time out" for 30 days to clean things up a bit.

One thing I do think is helpful is that if you look at these lists as a "mostly do" list THAT IS HELPFUL.

But Birthday Cake isn't the problem, Birthday Cake 3 times a day, probably is.....

At the end of the day all these lists did were make people want all the foods they didn't eat on day 31.

This is real simple, if you were eating foods with a lot of calories and you want to lower your intake a bit try taking one thing out and see how it makes you feel. Or start tracking, the minute you start tracking calories you often find the gaping holes in how you are eating.

But most importantly food needs to come back after a period of eating less BUT NOT ALL AT ONCE. Think about how many 30 day plans you have done and then the wheels come off on day 31 and beyond.

How did that make you feel mentally? Was that your fault or a bad plan?

For almost everyone it was a bad plan.

If you need a better plan and want to talk to a coach simply hit the link below and we can help (we also have a flash sale going on and a new challenge that starts on April 4th. Ask the coach you talk to for details)

Even the programs that reverse don’t do a good job because they cave to the fear of their clients or they let AI (artificial intelligence) do the work.



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Paul Nobles Jr
Mar 24, 2022

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