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Each Week Starts a New Fight

At Eat To Perform we have a system that predicts your lowest weight with a high degree of accuracy but there are a few factors that we need to talk about to reach your long term goals.

I talked about this in yesterday’s article but water weight isn’t useless, it’s an important piece to get to the fat loss stage (and you do lose some fat when you lose that water). So that phase is motivating because you lose sometimes up to 5 pounds in ONE WEEK. Which is super motivating.

Any seasoned dieter knows the fight comes next and weight loss slows after that and in a way you want it to slow. Otherwise you are just dehydrating yourself in a very acute way. Of course there are examples where the weight loss could be more but in general, each week, after the initial weight loss you are fighting for ONE pound, TWO at the most.

This is what I see as the basic problem, especially with diets that have no end in sight or no rules or parameters.


They quit because they have no idea EACH WEEK when their lowest weight should be and one of the reasons is that people don’t weigh themselves daily to see the patterns that emerge.

For most of our people that day is Saturday, it corresponds with the morning of their SUPER DAY which is the day they eat the most calories (they weigh after the bathroom and before they eat or drink anything). Essentially it’s set up for weight to bump up just a touch but not so much that they can’t fight down the following week. Oh by the way, if you start exercising too much it’s not going to always be favorable for MORE progress and will often cost you muscle and not fat. So keep your workouts consistent and if you need to modify in the favor of light jogging or walking for the next few weeks.

BUT EVERY WEEK resets on that SUPER day. So let me tell you what the super day is and why it works that way. In dieting it’s called a “re-feed” the problem with most re-feed days is that without parameters you can spend 2-3 days just getting back to even and that can get very frustrating.

Many years ago I was doing a diet with a re-feed day that was so restrictive that I would make lists of all the foods I was going to eat on that day and I ate myself sick each time. Eventually I learned to modify that but I was really playing around with eating disorder type behavior, which obviously isn’t the goal.

My point being is this, if the goal is to keep going lower don’t make the calories do all the work. You have a large measure of control. Whether it’s on your super day or the following day IT’S TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK and go hit those goals.

Oftentimes the difference between someone that plateaus early and someone that doesn’t is EFFORT. So make sure you are doing your part to maximize what is ultimately a very short and defined period of time.

If you aren’t doing Eat To Perform (or even if you are) stop focusing on the days where your weight is higher and give yourself credit for the one day a week where you are lower and each week the goal is lower than that the whole way through.

(Also for non-Eat To Performs stop using weight goals as your ultimate goal and use weeks. Trust me, you will get a lot farther and you will feel in more control of your experience.)

Our system is designed for CONSISTENT progress with very defined parameters for a reason. It works!

But it works better when more effort is applied. Which I get is difficult as calories go lower but when food comes back you can take those habits and apply them with more energy from that food and make magic happen.

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Even the programs that reverse don’t do a good job because they cave to the fear of their clients or they let AI (artificial intelligence) do the work.



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Paul Nobles Jr
Jan 24, 2022

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