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Rhiannon made drastic physical changes in just 6 weeks.

Dani ditched yo-yo dieting and lost over 90 lbs.

Picture yourself losing weight, in a world where...

  • YOU DO SHORT DIET CYCLES: Dieting for a long period of time kills your metabolism and trying to be perfect drains your motivation. With Eat To Perform, you'll diet in short cycles guided by your Coach. The goal is to get in, and get out, so you can {shock!} spend your life NOT dieting.

  • YOUR PLAN IS SCIENCED BASED: Eat To Perform diet stages are developed based off the scientific timing your body is meant to diet. Wicked smart PhD's helped us develop the optimal timing and the missing piece from most diets -- recovery. You'll spend time RECOVERING after a diet cycle, so your body and metabolism won't shut down (and you never have to starve on 1,000 calories again).

  • YOU HAVE A PERSONAL COACH: Your personal Coach is yours to message any time, any day. Every Coach is certified and has done the Eat To Perform method themselves, so they'll help you through the mindset shift. NOT dieting all the time can feel scary, but it's your path to long-term success and your Coach will help you get there.

If you choose to go all-in and ditch yo-yo dieting, all this is possible and more.

Debbie Koontz O’Connell

Eat to Perfrom has changedthe way i think about food. Having plenty of food to energize my workouts has been eye-opening. For years I tried to run off the calories, no more.

Holly Johnson Wengert

Eat to perfrom was and is one of the best things I hove done for ME. It has taught me what my body needs to accomplish my goals. The community and the coaches are exactly the support I need.

Erica Fredrickson Williams

I’m amazed at the physical transformmation I’ve had with ETP but the mindset shift has been life changing. My relationship with food has improved 100% and I’m working my body, not against it.

Eat To Perform

Ditching endless restriction gets you results like this

Eat To Perform

Sheree lost 97 lbs with the Eat To Perform method

I've tried many diets over the years and seen my weight fluctuate up and down multiple times as a result. From eating 1000 calories a day to keto.

I'm a logical person, who thrives on the use of information and data to drive decision-making. I'm also someone who loves food.

ETP lets me have both... in abundance!

Never have I stuck with something so long. Why? Because it works for me.

It's more than just weight loss. It's increased energy, focus, strength and endurance.

'm in the best shape of my life. Thanks to ETP - my coaches and the community included!

Eat To Perform

Dana ate 2400 calories and got the abs she dreamed of

5 months in and I couldn’t be happier with the progress!! Not only have I made the changes that you see in the pictures, but I’ve also made HUGE improvements in the gym!! And even better than that....I have learned so much and completely changed my mindset about food!

Performance/Recomposition is AWESOME!!!

Of course none of this would be possible if not for my amazing support system: my coach Jillian H, my boyfriend Mikky C, and my best friend Tonya W! I could write a whole paragraph about each of them, but they already know how much they mean to me!!

If I had to offer some advice to others, it would be to trust and listen to your coach! Don’t be afraid to eat food!! And the scale doesn’t have to rule your life!

Eat To Perform

Here's what happens with the Eat To Perform method

That’s a wrap” for FL2!!🎉 My youngest kiddo (pictured) introduced me to ETP about 4 years ago.

I had success doing it ‘on my own’; with my son helping me with macros. After some major life changes / stressors I gained the weight back. I have often lost weight, but then I am at a loss for keeping it off.

With the assist of ETP coaches I have learned the importance of so many factors to weight loss! I could go on, and on. NOW, is when I feel I need my coach more than ever to have success with keeping the weight off.

At 60 I want this to be the last time for a major weight drop. I made the commitment to lifetime because I believe in the ETP process. My beginning date was July 3rd. I did 8 weeks of FL1, about 6 weeks of AP, then into FL2 for 8 weeks. Down 37.2, and feeling very healthy.

Thank You Maria for being a supportive, and knowledgeable coach!! You have taught me how to make adjustments for special occasions, enjoy them, and not fall down into the rabbit hole." - Irene