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Get ready to take command of your weight loss and fast track your results with diet cycles and a Personal Coach.

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NEW! Dial in your workouts with ETP Strong, the all new Online Personal Training app

ETP Strong, the all new Online Personal Training app

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Featuring Online Personal Training with a Coach to help you reach your training goals

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Strength Training Workouts customized to your needs and available equipment

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Accountability to complete your workouts, get feedback and make important adjustments

how it works

See how it works:

Eat To Perform

Enroll in ETP Strong and save up to $40

$30 Monthly

$30 Per Month

Sign up for the Monthly Plan for $30. Billed Monthly.

$30 Monthly

$49.95 for 3 Months

Cement your commitment and save $40 off regular prices when you enroll in the 3 Month Plan. $49.95 Billed every 3 months.

Eat To Perform

What you get with your ETP Strong membership

Strength Training without Guesswork

  • Get the most out of your effort following programs designed by ETP Coaches who are Certified Personal Trainers


  • Your Personal ETP Strong Coach guides you so you know exactly what to do and are more consistent than ever

Programs for All Levels

  • Choose from 12 workouts, ranging from beginner to advanced, body weight to equipment (bands, gyms, home gyms)
  • Band Madness
  • Muscle Mania
  • Quick Gains
  • Body Weight
  • Gains Train Beginner & Advanced
  • Operations Abs
  • Let's Get Jacked
  • Body Weight Hybrid Program

PLUS ​includes 3 BRAND NEW programs exclusive to ETP Strong

  • Strong Fit: 5 days a week for 20-30 minutes a day. It's the perfect mix of cardio and strength with an initial “test” and finishing with a retest so you can track progress throughout the 6 week program. Each day features a new set of exercises to keep things exciting and working all muscle groups, so you get the most benefit out of your sessions. Great for any level -- just adjust your weights and intensity!
  • Strong Mobility: A series of dynamic stretches and activation exercises to improve full body mobility. Perfect to unwind and release stress through the Holiday season.
  • WOD Strong: New by Coach Stephanie, each workout has 3 phases: Strength, METCON & HIIT style cardio at the end. Featuring 2 Series, this can be used as a stand alone program or to compliment another program.
Eat To Perform

What ETP Strong Members are saying:

“This app is amazing. It’s like the notebook I normally take to the gym, but I don’t have to lug it around.”


Lowa, USA

“It’s a great way to track your workouts and allows you to look back at what you achieved the last time you did that workout.”


Ontario, Canada

Enroll in ETP Strong today and save up to $40

$30 Monthly

$30 per Month

Sign up for the Monthly plan for $30. Billed Monthly.

$30 Monthly

$49.95 for 3 Months

Cement your commitment and save $40 off regular prices when you enroll in the 3 Month Plan. $49.95 Billed every 3 months.

What happens after you order

  • Login: You will receive an invitation with all your login instructions. This is sent manually from your assigned ETP Strong Coach (*note your ETP Strong Coach is different than your ETP Nutrition Coach), so please allow up to 24 hours for us to get your information set up in our system and send your invitation. ETP Strong is programmed through the TrueCoach app, the leading software for online personal training.
  • *Please note if you order on a Saturday, it may take our team until Monday to send your invitation.
  • Create Your Profile: Set up your profile, including what days you want to workout, your goals and more.
  • Crush Your Workouts: Access your workouts right on your phone, eliminating the need for paper or spreadsheets. Your workouts (complete with video tutorials) and your ETP Strong Coach will be right in your pocket.

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