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Eat To Perform TDEE Calculator – Learn EXACTLY How Much You Need To Eat

This TDEE calculator is the “Wake Up Call” for sustainable fat loss.  Without knowing how many Calories you should be eating to fuel your body, you’re playing a losing game.  Run the calculator and ask yourself honestly if you are eating enough to fuel your performance, because if you aren’t it’s holding you back from your goals.  The exact number isn’t as important as the approach you’re taking – you should be taking responsibility for your nutrition and eating consistently with a little room for variation.

Using The TDEE Calculator

Watch this video before using the calculator.  It will give you a better idea how to use it to its full advantage, along with how to adjust for your personal demands.  There are a few very common mistakes people make and being aware of them will help you avoid these traps:

  1. Don’t set your protein too high – 1g/lb of body weight is fine for most situations.  The only case where we suggest you eat more protein is when you’re eating far below TDEE.
  2. Don’t set your carbs too low or your fat too high.  You should stick to 1.5-3g of carbohydrate per pound of body weight (depending upon your activity levels).
  3. After protein and carbohydrates are set, fat should round out your macros to establish the Calorie goal.  In general, this will be about 10-15% of your total Calories.

Eat To Perform TDEE Calculator

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