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The FUTURE of Dieting is HERE!

You can’t be the future of dieting without considering this one factor, animals aren’t meant to under eat for life (human beings are animals). So that pretty much discounts 99.7% of the companies out there.

So let’s talk about what the future of dieting looks like because I think you will quickly see the difference.

First let’s start here, in the future we will all know our daily intake very specifically. While it’s a bit trickier now it’s certainly worth it and let me explain why.

If you are aware of how much you are eating (for this example you have to consider you won’t be dieting all of the time) then you should know pretty precisely how much you need to take away to see the results you want.

The other piece that will 100% be part of the equation in the future will be the decline in metabolic rate and TDEE. This is why we (Eat To Perform) already use a predicted TDEE for each of our clients. The body adjusts very quickly to eating less which is why calories/macros need to change over the course of the dieting cycle.

In addition to that diet cycles need to be SHORT and AGGRESSIVE, here is why. If you know what I said above is true (and we all kind of know this but on a scientific level it’s been proven over and over) then you want to get in, get out and move calories back to normal.

Like I said, in the future I fully expect if you go on a bender on a Saturday it will tell you that you consumed 4000 calories and the macros you consumed in that process. So you will know that your protein was low, or carbs were low (or high) you get the point. That awareness is important. You can do this now by logging your food all of the time, not just when you are on a diet.

Once again, in the future, if you understand why we eat (to maintain life, maintain or build muscle and provide our bodies with nutrients) you will know the risks of under-eating all of the time in a way that you probably don’t know now if you are eating in a more intuitive way.

And make no mistake about it, AWARENESS is 9/10ths of the battle. This is somewhat anecdotal but we have done it so many times that I regard it as a fact. When people aren’t dieting (which is the most important thing as it relates to the success of a future dieting cycle) they are aware of their intake they are also aware of its effect on weight, EVEN WHEN CALORIES are NORMAL. So weight staying stable is the norm, with some fluctuation.

“But what about a surplus, don’t you need more food to build muscles?” Yes you do. If you show me someone struggling to add muscle I will show you someone under-eating for their output. Once again, this will all be the norm in the future. Remember if the goal is to build muscle you tend to have to gain weight, so if you aren’t, you aren’t doing it optimally. Does that mean you can’t, not really, it’s just not optimal.

Okay, but how short and how aggressive. This is the interesting part. We have done four weeks with a lot of success but ultimately we landed on six weeks. In four weeks we averaged 8-10 pounds of loss but people needed a bigger spread. There is an important piece coming up here soon related to this part so don’t stop reading here. At six weeks people land at 10-14 on average which allows for more wiggle room. Let me give you an example, let’s say you go to NaNa’s and PopPop’s for the weekend, you lost 8 pounds but gained back four, that can be defeating. If you lose 14 and then gain back four on a weekend away, not so bad. Remember a lot of this is mental.

(Remember all of this is factoring in coming to us over fed)

Okay, so here is the interesting part, this can all be done again! (but really only one time)

I think this will be the future but I can also see a lot of people just opting for the above.

Here is why we don’t recommend JUST the one cycle.

The next stage we normalize food, so not quite over consuming but not dieting all of the time either.

In this middle stage we are just looking for a short reset, to get calories back to normal meaning not 1500 calories. Too many programs think maintenance is 1500 calories and they couldn’t be more wrong. But I digress. We get you to a point where you can physically and mentally reset.

And then we run another 6 weeks and the diet cycle is over.

This will typically land the client anywhere from 20-25 pounds lost. The more over fed you are the more you can lose and we can extend things a bit in certain cases where the person is comfortable and still losing weight (think 300 pound man or 275 pound woman coming to us overfed. Note I am not saying this as judgement, simply pointing to the data we see).

Oh, by the way, the future is now, we do all of this now. It’s not as easy as having a blood monitor measuring your calories and displaying it on your smartwatch but that isn’t coming for at least ten years.

But you can 100% do it now.

One last thing, three doesn’t work, we tried it thousands of times and all it did was land people frustrated. It is way better to move calories back to normal and really push the top end for 6 months to a year (at the same time pushing activity and effort to stay weight stable).

The emerging science really shows that exercise isn’t phenomenal for weight loss and often leaves people frustrated. BUT IT'S PHENOMENAL FOR KEEPING WEIGHT OFF!

With this formula you can reach any goal you want.

Or you can do it the old way that leaves people frustrated and those people often struggle to keep adherence. With good reason, eating less all of the time is flawed. We have actually known this for some time.

There are a few labs and programs doing good work but most are still stuck in the old business model of promising a lot and delivering less and less in terms of results. That model has failed dieters for the last 60 years.

The future is now, if you want to be part of it before most people click the link below to join us.

That’s the other thing, as you might be able to tell we love the future but there are still some things humans do well. So we provide you a human to talk to and walk you through everything BEFORE you sign up. They will give you all the details on our Free Trial, Meal Plans and One on One training and not you choose.

Also, if you need proof here is just a snippet of our client successes

You can also talk in real time to a coach by clicking the button on the bottom right of that page

Even the programs that reverse don’t do a good job because they cave to the fear of their clients or they let AI (artificial intelligence) do the work.



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Paul Nobles Jr
Mar 21, 2022

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