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Quitting Becomes a Habit

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(Before you read this I need you to understand that I am talking about consistency with a good plan. Too often in the diet world people stick to a bad plan that is getting them nowhere and they need a more encompassing and long term view.)

When I was a sophomore in high school I tried out for the baseball team at my high school. When I was younger I was very good but I lost interest and during that time other people kept playing.

So they got better.

I was also not blessed genetically. Once again, when I was younger I was bigger and better than everyone but around 10 I quit growing and that lasted for quite some time.

At the time I lived in a small town, football was the main sport but I was WAY too small to play football. So pretty much everyone that showed up made the team.

So I practiced every day doing all the things that the other people were doing. While I was getting better so were they and since they genetically had some advantages the distance between me and them GREW.

The week before our first game we were assigned uniforms. I didn’t get one and two other kids didn’t get one either.

I was crushed and tried to hold back tears. Walking home I couldn’t hold it anymore.

As I walked through the door my parents asked me what was wrong and I said “I don’t want to talk about it” and went to my room. Eventually I had to come down for dinner where I told my parents I would be quitting the baseball team.

After some debate my parents agreed I should quit the team but my dad said something that changed my life forever “you need to remember that quitting becomes a habit, not everyone sticks it out when things get hard”.

“If you quit now what happens when harder things in life come up.”

I hated him for saying that.

But he wasn’t wrong.

Of the other two, one quit and one stayed. So I told the one that stayed my plan.

We only had one senior pitcher and every other picture was a freshman. I played catcher. So 30 minutes before each day or whenever I could I would get in extra work with these new pitchers who basically threw the ball all over the place.

The starting catcher thought it was hilarious that I would want to do this. These kids couldn’t hit the side of a barn some days.

On game days we had a big problem, the starting catcher was giving up a lot of pass balls. I couldn’t hit and I couldn’t throw anyone out at that point but what I could do is keep the ball in front of me after working with these pitchers for about a month.

They moved the starting catcher to center field and I became the starter the rest of the year. (one of the team mom’s tailored two uniforms for the last two that didn’t get one earlier in the year, we looked ridiculous but neither of us cared.)

I also learned to keep “the book” which gave me the insights of the head coach. As catcher it was important for me to know which pitches to call in what situations.

Years later I had a pretty lucrative business going but there was an open tryout for a local minor league team. 400 people showed up. I made the cut as we went down to 30.

As much as I worked on it, I still couldn’t hit but I threw out the fasted guy on the field and once again I didn’t let balls get past me.

I also calmed down nervous pitchers which impressed the people that organized the tryout.

In the fifth inning a pitcher threw a ball into the dirt and as I went down to block it I broke my thumb. The coaches told me to reach out once it healed but I never did. I accomplished what I went there to do, besides, those guys were being assigned to small towns in the midwest for $1000 a week and I was making a large multiple of that at the time.

That series of events taught me that if I out worked people I could gain an edge on them and then once I applied intelligence to that lesson I quickly got a lot better.

The problem with modern dieting is that it’s built for you to feel like a failure because when you inevitably quit it’s YOUR FAULT. But is that true? Why aren’t the companies that failed you in the wrong? Why aren’t companies more focused on building more effective systems to help with diet adherence? Or building in systems that allow for food to come back as an ally over time.

That is what we do, so if you are willing to outwork your previous efforts with a better plan for success hit the link below and an Eat To Perform coach will walk you through your EXACT plan to get started.

You can also talk to a coach in REAL TIME by hitting the button on the bottom right of that page.

Even the programs that reverse don’t do a good job because they cave to the fear of their clients or they let AI (artificial intelligence) do the work.



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Paul Nobles Jr
Jan 3, 2022

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