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Psychologists Have NOT Invented a Way to Under-Eat For Life

I know this because psychologists would not knowingly create an eating disorder and it certainly wouldn’t pass the inspection of a peer review.

Here is why.

As human beings we are not meant to under eat, we are meant to eat in a way that preserves our life over time. This is done with calories and to a certain extent calories in the right proportion. Meaning enough protein to preserve muscle, bone and tendons, fats to preserve hormones and carbs to provide quickly accessible energy.

In balance.

In addition to that, a handful of grapes is not superior to nuts of similar calories or even french fries. The reason is simple, if calories are important then calories from a variety of all sources can be useful.

Essentially when you are choosing to eat in a deficit you are choosing to eat less carbs or less fats because for the most part protein should remain about the same. Once again, you can make arguments for both but what you can’t do is say that grapes are superior to nuts because they have more volume and will keep you more full over time. If anything the opposite is true (though we prefer balance for a lot of reasons, maybe I will add those to comments but they aren’t relevant for this article).

Does that mean that some of the habits when you are in a deficit can’t be helpful as you move away from your diet cycle. Certainly they can but there is no major dieting platform advocating for this. Some minor players in a small way but it’s the centerpiece of our business.

Why? That reason is simple, we all know how to under-eat but what we can’t seem to do is move back to normal without a lot of guilt, shame and confusion. So that’s why we teach that part. Instead of just one side.

In her book “Secrets from the Eating Lab” Tracy Mann talks about why this is the case. I will paraphrase, “with dieting failure is the business model. If you teach someone what it really takes to succeed you are essentially putting yourself out of business”.

I agree with the general statement but what I don’t agree with is that there isn’t a better business model there.

Either way, when you buy a dieting program you are going to eat less and frankly, that’s going to be hard.

One last thing, no one can predict how much you are going to lose in a specific period of time unless they know what you were eating before and even then the equation can be problematic.

If you are tired of being jerked around maybe coaching is what you need, we can walk you through what it really takes to succeed but more importantly we give you a specific timeline when your diet will be over. If you want to talk to a coach about what your EXACT plan will look like simply click the link below.

You can also talk to a coach LIVE by hitting the button on the bottom right of that page

Even the programs that reverse don’t do a good job because they cave to the fear of their clients or they let AI (artificial intelligence) do the work.



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Paul Nobles Jr
Nov 29, 2021

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