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How We Predict Your Lowest Weight Each Week

It’s important to talk about the way other programs do weight loss when we start this discussion.

Most programs or coaches use an extremely rudimentary method where you only get one set of macros. This usually results in a lot of weight loss upfront and then the client hits a wall. Any weight loss after that is SLOG and so every day the client hits the scale with fingers crossed hoping that today is the day they see some weight loss.

That’s not how we do it.

I have an article coming out on EXACTLY how we do it tomorrow but for today I want to talk about why it’s important for coaches to know your lowest weight on a SPECIFIC day. There are factors where this doesn’t happen and I will talk about those but I would say 8 times out of 10 we get the data we need to make a decision.

This is the value of a customized plan versus a non-customized plan. With a customized plan we can make small changes that we know have been effective for 100’s of thousands of people with very few outliers. But data is data and there are some. So let’s talk about how we can do it because it’s extremely important to know if you are progressing or not.

With Eat To Perform you have two low days, three medium days, a high day and a super day.

Your low day is your lowest CARB day and isn’t always your lowest calorie day but most of the time it is especially when you are in a fat loss/weight loss cycle. A client's LOWEST weight for the week follows two medium days and then a low day. That next morning is what we refer to as their baseline weight and the number we use to customize things further. The morning after the other low day can often be good but often not as good as the one the morning of their SUPER day (after the bathroom and before food or drink).

Medium day is about what it sounds like but the purpose of the medium day is to push calories up a bit (both carbs and fat) so that the metabolism can flex a bit. I will talk more about why we don’t just add calories around workouts but clients certainly can do that within their plans.

High days are simply there to push clients numbers up enough so that they can get through the three days coming where calories are lower. It takes up to 24 hours for nutrients to load so often a client's high day will allow them to get in some good quality workouts or have energy as they near the end of a cycle.

A client's SUPER day is their highest calorie day, both carbs and fat are higher (protein is the same for all days). One of the factors on why people plateau is that their body can adjust to consistent numbers, even if you add a small protein drink around your workouts using a static number that “flex” won’t be similar.

No company in the history of dieting has ever done more work on the concept of Metabolic Flexibility than we have.

As a company it’s important to know a client's lowest weight of the week so we can make better adjustments or changes to clients macros. Hopefully everyone can see the value in this but if you are still curious keep an eye out on my article coming out tomorrow on the TRUTH of fat loss/weight loss.

“But why is this better than just adding a protein shake around your workouts and using one static number?”

Good question, here is the answer.

At the end of the day calorie average is the most important number for fat loss/weight loss. You also need to know that nutrients don’t absorb quickly to be used, so your protein shake that you drink just to get the will (or sadly earn a treat) actually isn’t usable from the standpoint of nutrient loading. It more addresses ACUTE energy requirements meaning that since you are eating so low with one static number you have the will to get off of the couch. One of the side effects of getting this EXTRA meal is that people often workout more to earn their shake when in fact that might not be favorable for weight loss and I might argue fat loss also. It just ends up in that person over doing things to EARN FOOD.

Remember with Eat To Perform you are not at your lowest calories all of the time and in fact you only (typically) spend about 2 weeks there. What that means is that you will almost always have enough macros to have a pre-workout drink but you might not need it. In fact, from a standpoint of loading post workout is marginally better. That said, your body does kind of figure it out no matter what, the small advantages you get from pre or post workout shouldn’t take precedence over how you feel. So if you don’t like eating before or after, don’t. Amounts matter WAY more than timing.

Think of it like this, if a coach using static macros doesn’t see weight loss they are probably going to pull your macros down based on not a lot of data and if you continue to struggle they are going to take away your shake. It’s just better to build in your pre and post into your plan where your lowest weight can be predicted so that your coach can make better decisions with better data. With no guessing.

Factors that can cloud this prediction are things like a menstrual cycle coming and even LEG DAY and your low day can keep your weight up. Additionally as you get deeper into a deficit cycle weight loss is slow, I will talk about this in tomorrow's article in depth and why cycles need to end in a defined way.

I will build on this concept in tomorrow’s article on THE TRUTH and provide you the EXACT method we use to get our clients such great results. You really are going to want to read these two almost as companion articles.

To talk to a coach about what your Eat To Perform plan will be simply hit the link below. You can also still take advantage of our NEW YEARS SALE.

You can also talk to a coach in REAL TIME using the button on the right hand side of that page.

Even the programs that reverse don’t do a good job because they cave to the fear of their clients or they let AI (artificial intelligence) do the work.



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Paul Nobles Jr
Jan 17, 2022

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