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For Fat Loss Follow These Three Steps and Reset EACH WEEK

This is more of a micro view of how to attack your week to see the best results. So let’s get into it.

Even in a short 6 week cycle if you operate at “white hot” you will burn out fast so here is how I approach the week.

Here is some inside pool related to Eat To Perform. Most people’s SUPER day, the day they have the most calories and can eat the most flexibly we are going to assume is SATURDAY for these purposes. We are also going to assume that they were at their lowest weight THE MORNING OF THEIR SUPER DAY which follows their lowest calories the day before. (if that isn’t happening now simply use your lowest weight for the previous week but below I will walk you through a scenario to be your lowest at the end of the week)

Number One

The day after your super day your weight should be up but not dramatically so. This is where a lot of people make the first mistake, they turn the intensity up to TEN when it should be about a TWO. The simple fact is this, your sodium is usually higher on your SUPER day and calories are a bit higher. By the time your first low day of the week hits you should be close or at your previous week's low weight. Without having to up your level of intensity, all the normal things apply, get your steps in, keep foods nutrient dense and follow your macros but INTRA WEEK weight is going to fluctuate, this will be part of the reason your weight should move lower each week.

(If you aren't doing Eat To Perform simply view this as Saturday and Sunday. On these days your effort is 2 out of 10)

Number Two

There are two days between the Super day and what we call the HIGH day, the Super Day is higher in both fats and carbs. The high day keeps fats about 10g lower for most people. This doesn’t mean it’s HIGH CARB day, it simply means that it’s not a HIGH FAT day, the low days are HIGHER FAT days. Once your High day hits (or if you aren’t doing Eat To Perform your third day of the week) you should up your level of intensity to about a FOUR or FIVE (once again on a scale of 1-10). Not completely uncomfortable but pushing things a bit more. If number one is getting us mentally prepared, this takes things to the next level, once again, if you push past four or five on these days you are going to find you don’t have enough left in the tank for the last two days.

These three days are great for HIIT and weight lifting.

(If you aren't doing Eat To Perform simply view this as Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On these days dial it up to 4 or 5)

Number Three

These are the days you put on your “You don’t have to get ready if you stay ready” t-shirt.

These are the days you have that extra cup of coffee and push most of your cardio to the AM (assuming you can).

You get the idea, we are going to claw for every inch of ground. These are the days that are the difference between losing 8 pounds and losing 12 to 14 in a cycle.

These are the days I play THREE hours of pickleball or get in 15,000 steps. If I need to mix in weight lifting it’s slow and deliberate with lots of rest in between sets.

(If you aren't doing Eat To Perform simply view this as Thursday and Friday. These are your highest effort days, on a scale of 1 to everything you got, push it to 10)

I talk about effort a lot, I am never going to let people off the hook related to effort but one of the reasons people have effort issues is they are running hot all SEVEN days. This is why people burn out, this is why people think they have “willpower” issues. The other piece of this is that if you don't use an approach like this you often over rely on your macros to do more of the work than they should.

Harder only works until it doesn’t, so if you can use this SMARTER approach to effort not only will you lose more fat you will find it much easier to push through when things start to get tough.

Even the programs that reverse don’t do a good job because they cave to the fear of their clients or they let AI (artificial intelligence) do the work.



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Paul Nobles Jr
May 4, 2022

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