Here is our 2020 Small Business story (our best year ever by quite a lot)

Here is the link to lock in today’s offer (it’s also below)

The diet business is interesting there are times of both feast and famine. We got some strong indications that we had put a lot of puzzle pieces together in 2019 from a marketing side, most notably from our addition of handwritten meal plans as an option for newcomers. 

That one thing made a big difference because when people start something new often they need a “road map”, the meal plans were that. If you ever wonder why other programs don’t do that it’s because it’s extremely hard to do. So what you often see is either something cookie cutter or something that is $500 a month. 

We found a better balance than that.

If I am being honest we probably leaned on the meal plans harder than we were realizing at the time. We thought of them as an addition to our coaching service and people, sort of viewed them as THE SERVICE.

By the end of 2019 we were debt free and had a road map for 2020. The newest big addition would be training which was headed up by long time Eat To Perform coach Stephanie Burke.

Stephanie is like a mad scientist, she goes in her lab, tortures herself, then tortures a core group of Eat To Performers and once they are all jacked she goes “that one’s ready”.

And then she has HOT CHICKEN (Stephanie lives in Nashville).

The workouts are PHENOMENAL, Stephanie understands that not everyone starts in the same place so the programs graduate, you can literally start with just body weight workouts and move up from there. The question was, what would we charge for it?

This is where I think we are different. We chose FREE or should I say FREE was chosen for us.

If you remember when COVID started no one REALLY had any idea how long it would last. It was looking really bad for places like Italy but other than that “was it going to be 2 weeks, maybe a month” no one really knew.

Since gyms were closing we decided that all of the training would be for free to anyone that wanted it (our daily workouts still are).

In those months Stephanie and her band of workout buddies created template after template. We now have thousands of people using and doing those workouts each day. The offer today gets you those templates free when you pay upfront for TWO MONTHs of coaching (you also get the meal plan I mentioned above).

The early days were rough, it was really the unknown that was bugging people out so much I think. Eat To Perform is a coaching service, whenever we add anything at all to that service it basically needs to compliment what we already do.

Going into 2020 we were looking for an addition to our coaching service that would reach a broader market. We were very interested in a “light” form of coaching that was a bit more hands off but in our heart of hearts we just don’t believe that works. Yes it’s easier to sell something for a lower dollar amount but without the personal attention I really don’t think people are set up to succeed well. It doesn’t mean they can’t but I think most people given their plan on a PDF would succeed no matter what they do. 

For the rest of us we need a bit more hand holding to walk us through the hurdles. 

We weren’t trying to build the next best diet, we were AND ARE solving obesity daily.

Our best advertisement as I am sure many of you are aware of are all of the amazing transformations we get people from all walks of life.

How could we expand that base and still stay true to the core of what we do?

The decision was sort of made for us.

We would start offering TWO WEEK FREE TRIALS so people could see if we were a good fit for their health needs. People often ask me what is the difference between the FREE TRIALS and the coaching you get that includes the MEAL PLAN and the TRAINING TEMPLATES and the answer is not much. Both get you access to YOUR COACH but one gives you more tools to start with.

Depending on the person both work (the MEAL PLAN AND TEMPLATES just give you a better head start).

No business gets better when things are rolling along and going great and we were no different. 

To be better and get clearance from the market we would need to tell our story, work within the new and changing marketplace and decide to grow (and put the framework in place to keep growing and continue getting better).

And so far the market agrees.

So much so that we need to raise the price to deal with demand. 

If you click this link it will walk you through the details of both offers, the TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL or the bundle with the MEAL PLAN and the TRAINING TEMPLATES included. 

In December, which is only a few days away the price will go up 25%.

So here is the end of our story for 2020. Because of what at certain times seemed like overwhelming growth (we grew at 10% month over month) we obviously need to adjust to the demand. 

The best part is that in that process we got to dream of all new things that we can add to our core business of one on one coaching and we have all of you to thank for that.

So maybe next year we will be a bit bigger small business.