How the peaks create the valley’s (and predict your lowest weight)

This is actually a 6 week view, 5 weeks dieting and one week not dieting

One of the issues that people have when they want to lose weight is that they create goals that set up failure, let me give you an example.

If you want to lose 50 pounds would it be easier to lose 50 all at once or 10 pounds 5 times? I will give you that answer here in a bit.

If you look at the graph my goal was to simply get under 200 pounds which essentially is a “clean up”. My goal is to spend the rest of my life roughly around 200 pounds. 

I also segment my goals in 5 year intervals, my last “fat loss” cycle was when I turned 50, I am 52 now and it seemed like a good time to clean things up a bit.

After my last fat loss cycle (got down to 185) I went into a pretty aggressive bulking cycle (I have gained 11 pounds of muscle over this time, so apples to apples I wouldn’t need to get to 185 again, I would need to get to 196 since I now have more muscle). 

And that’s pretty much exactly what happened, give or take 1 or 2 pounds.

But why are the peaks happening (weight spikes) and what relationship do they have to the valley’s (lowest weight).

Eat To Perform is designed in a way to not tax your metabolism all of the time. This has two benefits, first one is obvious, you get to keep your metabolism and the second is that you still have energy so that you can stay active.

This gives you TWO tools in your weight loss toolbox.

People often get too caught up in the word “activity”. I would say 90% of my activity during this cycle was walking.

Ok, now the specifics, if you can push food up (rather than using static calories or just putting a shake around your workout) what this does is allows you to burn fat two ways. The first is obvious, if you are eating less your body activates fat stores to use as energy. The key is the AVERAGE part, so you don’t need to be in a deficit every single day, in fact, as you will see, most of the time you will not be in a deficit, both in a fat loss cycle and outside of one. This means you hold onto muscle which is NOT FAT!

It gets better!

Not that the valleys are approximately a week apart, what does this mean and why is it important?

It means we can predict your lowest weight for the week and when we see you stall we can make changes to your plan.

This is VERY motivating as a client because it serves as a weekly check in on how you are doing and as your weight is going down you feel empowered because YOU ARE IN CHARGE, not the calories.

So it’s a lot easier to go for a walk when you see how important it is for your success.


I will walk you through this next step but I just want you to know that I am NOT DIETING now and the 197.9 happened as food is coming back.

So that’s the answer from the above, when you try and use all your willpower all at once what you often find out is that there is a reserve and you have to push through.

What we do is build in this reserve so that you can reach your ultimate goals many short goals at a time.