Go BACK, it’s not too late to reconnect with your first love

Remember your first love…

Everything seemed to be right, the air was a little crisper, time seemed to stand still.

It was all perfect until the minute that it wasn’t.

Then all of a sudden you started nit picking the relationship and then one day it vanished and it felt like you would never feel like that again.

It’s time to recapture your relationship with…..


Look I get it, things went a little too far and you made some drastic changes in your life to adjust.

Going from diet to diet to diet it didn’t seem like tacos played a role in who you are now.

Then Tuesday comes along every week as a DRASTIC reminder of just how much you have lost along the way.

Obviously I am having a little fun at the concept but really think about it if you are on your 15th version of restrictive dieting where you are being taught to eat less all of the time.

Do you really want to eat less all of the time?

Or do you want to live a life with TACO’s included?

I think we all know the answer to this question.

And no I am not talking about cheat meals where you eat yourself silly and give yourself explosive diarrhea.

I am talking about most days of the week having an abundance of calories so you can eat foods you enjoy, not low calorie versions that actually suck.

Does this mean you have to live in the gym? No it doesn’t but you have to move and be conscious of moving.

“But what if I still want to lose weight?”

Here is the best part, when you normalize calories strategically you actually have better metabolic math to get better results.

So in a very real way TACOS can be part of the answer.

Look, let’s be real here, how many times have you lost weight? The first time was great and every time since then not so much.


It’s simple, your math is bad and using reductive math all of the time paints you in a corner with seemingly no options.

How many times do you need to do that before you realize IT’S HORRIBLE but most of all INEFFECTIVE.

Now I get it, what if it’s not like it used to be, I mean you have changed and Tacos have changed. (yummy, street tacos!)

Not to mention margaritas.

So once again, are you better off where you are now versus where you could be with food as an ally?

Let’s try and move past the fear and head in the direction of joy. If you are scared we can help but one more day without tacos is too much.