The Ladder

The thing that makes us fundamentally different from other programs is how we normalize calories and how that allows for what we call “hyper dieting cycles”. Because your calories go all the way back to normal you just have better metabolic math and therefore you can lose more weight in a shorter period of time with less risk of rebounding (or losing muscle).

But what about over time? 

This is where the ladder comes in and I think two examples will help your understanding. 

In the first example let’s talk about an extreme scenario similar to the one we will post this weekend. The person in question dropped 50 pounds in less than 6 months. 

Now his calories are normalizing and will likely look for another cycle in let’s say 6 months for his example:

Here is the simple rule, if you lose anything over 25 pounds you should mentally allow yourself to regain 10 pounds in six months to a year.

The reason is simple. Mentally it takes a lot out of you to lose that kind of weight but what you don’t want to do once you are done is feel trapped. Note that I am not saying he will gain 10 pounds but mentally it’s helpful to allow for a bit of runway. Does this mean you should gain it back in one month? No, if you do this you did it wrong and frankly this is where coaching helps a lot.

The 10 pounds can easily be cleaned up once calories are normal and frankly most people often have bigger goals beyond that. In fact, in the exact scenario I am talking about, even with calories going up they similar examples often experience weight loss in a lot of cases as calories normalize, it’s just a touch slower.

Dieting cycles take a lot out of you mentally and physically, once things normalize that stress no longer becomes a factor and that’s where performance goals should take over.

The much more common scenario is for a client to lose UNDER 25 pounds in our dieting cycles. Most of these folks come to us conscious of their eating but over time things got away from them.

Often when they are done with one of our cycles they are the leanest they have been in a long time. So let’s say a 5’5” 160 pound woman gets down to 135, in our view she really needs to build in that 5 pound cushion mentally.

While the 5 pound cushion is important the client shouldn’t lose sight of the 135 pound landing spot (I can assure you their coach does not). 

But to mentally allow over the course of six months to a year some bounce back because of trips, weekends away or holiday’s that is normal.

The point being that it’s much easier to clean up 10 pounds in the first example or 5 pounds in the second rather than constantly being stuck in long periods of restriction that over time net you less and less progress.