You can’t just WANT IT, you have to not want the other thing

In one of the most captivating scenes ever put on film the main character in Slumdog Millionaire falls into water full of shit. Just even typing it brings me back to that scene and just how repugnant I felt watching it.

Yet this is exactly what most of us do when we get scared of the unknown.

The scene represents a BOTTOM for the character, in theory, you can’t get lower than swimming in shit yet that’s what many of you do and that’s what I did for many years.

What made me think of this was a pair of conversations I had with long-time Eat To Perform clients, both of which know that their weight will normalize after one’s birthday celebration and another’s date night gone wild.

If you aren’t aware here is the synopsis of why it’s important to make peace with your weight going up after eating for joy in moments.

With our program food is an ally because you aren’t dieting all the time.

What that means is during the times when you aren’t dieting (which should be most of the time) there certainly should be room for celebrations.

Think of how fucked up it is to have your birthday, eat for joy with your family around you and then the next three days that family watches you doing endless cardio and eating salads.

For a FUCKING CUPCAKE? Or two glasses of wine? How healthy is that?
To follow the metaphor when the character emerges from the shit is the cupcake and wine scenario.

The cardio and salad part is where he jumps right back into the shit.
This is what is known as a setback.

That’s the problem with dieting, people believe you have to be SOOOOO rigid for incremental change when in fact that is the problem, not the solution.

The reality is that emerging from the shit should mean that you aren’t willing to go back.

That’s your bottom, an awful joyless life.

So to reiterate the title if you want to emerge from the shit you have to want the joy GUILT FREE.

Otherwise you will never emerge from the past and have a life with JOY included.