The exact piece on why diets fail and the EXACT plan to fix it

I was just walking through a customer file for a fairly lean person that lost eight pounds in six weeks. Nothing that will blow you away but she didn’t have a lot of weight or fat to lose in the first place.

Her calorie average at her lowest was about 1300 calories.

Here is the EXACT PIECE on why she will keep losing.

In the next phase we will keep her weight stable. The big mistake people make is that they think that because you add food you automatically gain weight and this just isn’t the truth.

That said, if you don’t have someone helping you manage this things can go off the rails fast. 

This is probably where coaching is most needed for almost everyone.

In about 3 weeks we will have her calories normalize at about 2050 calories.

You heard me right. She will go from 1300 calories to 2050 calories without gaining a single pound and often you can continue losing weight though not at the same rate.

This doesn’t mean weight won’t fluctuate but it does mean that on her lowest days she will not have gained a single pound and then we do the most important part.

We then use that 2050 AGAIN to get another 8-10 pounds. In fact, often people lose more in the second phase because they usually came to us eating less than 2050.

As we reverse out I would say 8 out of 10 times we do so a bit slower but it’s really person dependent. 

That said, if you started at 145 and landed near 125 you should have some mental breathing room and once again it’s person dependent but some people lose weight, others stay stable and some people we encourage a ceiling of about 130 pounds over the course of say a year.

If you don’t diet like this and you are struggling this is literally the secret you likely needed to hear and will make a monstrous difference for you no matter what stage you are in. 

If you have more than say 20 pounds to lose we simply rinse and repeat the cycles.