Your maintenance calories at 1400 is the problem and not the solution

Too often if the goal is to maintain weight long term and you never allow for any fluctuation you can actually gain weight when calories are lower because your body adjusts to the low calorie point and that is your new reality and it doesn’t need to be that way

The fact that macros is becoming the current standard is a great thing but this also means that people THINK they know more about how their body works and frankly some “science friendly” sites aren’t super science friendly in this regard.

In our sales channel I was talking to a potential client (when you see the word posts from client success what happens is you talk to an actual coach, sometimes I am that coach). She mentioned that she had come off of a long hard Fat Loss cycle where her calories were as low as 900 and she only lost 5 pounds. She also mentioned that she is now in “maintenance” at 1400 and feels a lot better but the 5 pounds came back with interest and now she is frustrated.

Let me say this to you as simply as I can. Maintenance does not exist and I defy any science friendly person to suggest it does. Let me tell you what maintenance actually is or the way that people use it but first I need to give you some context.

What I am talking about is not coaching, it’s virtual coaching where clients coach themselves. You can actually do this through MyFitnessPal but a number of AI apps are popping up and every single one has a giant flaw.

The person pulling the trigger. 

The problem with these apps (to be clear, we also use AI but we have humans involved in the decision making process) is that clients get scared and left to their own devices they under eat as a result, so they never see what the true potential of their metabolism is in the long term.

In fact, I don’t think there is any question we are the best at this by far and WE haven’t touched the surface.

The reason is simple, when you change energy in you inherently change energy out. So the idea that maintenance is a finite number is incorrect. It would be correct if you could control for a lot of variables but then what you are doing is controlling potential. 

That’s what makes maintenance a myth.

I currently have two examples, both examples were eating less than 1000 calories.

The first example lost a few pounds in Fat Loss eating slightly higher because she had more energy in her workouts but she didn’t lose the 20 pounds she wanted because basically there was no math that would get her there. 

So we are currently working on her math.

The second example is more interesting and I am going to attach a video to show you what happened when she started eating more. Once again, I want to remind you that she was eating UNDER 1000 calories when she came to us and she ALMOST QUIT until I suggest this.

If you take the time to watch this video it will blow you away.

Watch how Wendy goes from under eating to finally losing weight eating more than double!

Long story short you are not your best coach and that’s the problem with AI where you are in charge. You only know what you know and when you have the button you aren’t going to push the potential the way you could.

That’s what that video and the 7 pounds prove when she started eating double the calories.