You’ll probably hate this tip (Surviving the Rona Tip #2)

You’ll probably hate this tip (Surviving the Rona Tip #2)

This won’t be popular. In fact, you’ll probably hate it.

Hear me out though, because this tip will be the difference  between digging a big hole (one that might impact your health forever), or just a mild amount of maintenance you can easily tackle.

What is this magical thing?

Here is the first post where we focus on easy things you can do to help you through this difficult time, the focus is on your immune system during COVID-19.


I will always throw out this caveat: if you have a diagnosed eating disorder this probably isn’t the article for you. Read it with your personal filter in place or just skip this one. It’s just information.

Here’s why weighing yourself daily is key right now:

I have a client is struggling with the crisis. She was up almost 5 pounds within days and told me she was going to take a break. I understand this, especially right now, but I still gave my advice.

“Make sure to weigh yourself daily. Ignore those 5 pounds and we can deal with getting them off when things settle down.”

Sadly, she didn’t.

It’s 4 weeks later and now she is up nearly 20 pounds.

You see, for most people, the problem with weighing daily is an expectation of seeing your weight come down. When it doesn’t, it frustrates people.

However, studies show that people that weigh themselves more manage their weight better than people that don’t weight themselves at all.

But what should my client do now?

First, the majority of the weight is almost certainly water or water retention. Mixing in a few salads and being more conscious will help take a few pounds off right away.

The next step is whether or not you should look at a calorie reduction. The reality is the conditions causing the weight gain are usually some version of stress (all people react to stress differently), so adding more stress in the case of dieting should be considered before doing it, and if you still decide to start dating then we suggest to take some kind of natural medicine to help you reduce stress, in this case, we think using CBD Tinctures would be one of the best options.

I would say right now it’s about 60/40 in the favor of dieting for most people. Here is why:

For most of us, we never gave ourselves credit for how we ate when we ate normal (before all this started). We had some weird vision of what optimal looked like. Mostly good during the week, and letting our hair down on the weekend. Now it’s all weekend all of the time.

The reality is, we were doing great until we weren’t.

If cutting calories allows you to regain some of the routine you have lost, I support you.

The other scenario of course is to analyze whether or not you can take on more stress and be REALLY honest about that.

If the answer is no, make sure you get the low hanging pounds off and just realize you are going to have to sweat this one out a bit with your weight a bit higher. Then, when the time is right, you can address the problem.

But you must also do this: weigh yourself without shame or guilt daily, and WITHOUT the expectation of weight loss.

The secret to all of this is just not quitting and taking a pause, because your life has a bigger priority doesn’t mean you quit. It simply means you have bigger things to deal with in that moment.

Try not to ignore that fact as you decide which path is right for you.