This is the opportunity to change your whole life

This was the first picture I took where I could really see how far I had come. Two months later I did the ToughMudder for the first time and it was right about that time I decided I was normal and quit burning the candle at both ends. I weigh right now roughly the same as I did in this picture.

I was telling someone this story and it reminded me of the events that we are all facing with Coronavirus or COVID-19 (here is an article I will be updating with helpful ideas to get us all through this time). It was roughly 12 years ago now that I was in a bad motorcycle accident and I snapped my leg off above my right ankle. It was literally one of the worst personal injuries I have ever seen and it was on myself.

A couple of weeks before that I started to get fit, I was between businesses and just sold one of my last assets and I was wondering what I was going to do. I had a Vespa at the time which I loved but it could only go so far, I could drive it around town but anything further than that was basically impossible. While I wasn’t a stranger to riding motorcycles it had been some time and certainly the amount of power this one had compared to what I was use to was different. I was very lucky to walk away from the incident alive.

To say it was a conscious choice wouldn’t be correct but it also wasn’t unconscious. Like everyone else on the planet I always made that promise we all make “If I just had the time to get fit I would do it”.

And just like that I was between businesses and laid up in a chair for almost a year.

As I am writing this I want to tell you what I hear in my head, it’s music, it’s like the theme from Rocky or something that just gets you pumped up. That’s what that time in my life was, I didn’t choose to feel sorry for myself I chose action. 

I wasn’t doing a lot and frankly I was under eating but I was also over 250 pounds and 5’8” so a little but of under eating wasn’t too bad for me. By the time I could move just a little bit I was like a caged animal that got freed, no joke. It was on.

In that year I lost the majority of my weight (and sadly some muscle along the way).

Like a lot unfit people I became obsessed with fitness, some would say I still am but they have no idea the difference between then and now. Even though I was eating a lot I was working out up to 3 times a day some days and I went from almost 45% body fat to 9%.

I say all of this to point out that one person’s bad news is another persons opportunity. 

When I think to myself that I am going to be in my home and temporarily isolated from the outside world I think of two things, one I am looking forward to reconnecting with my family….

But the other thought is this


Life is largely about mindset if you can embrace challenges the right way that can propel you to something you could not have imagined. That’s what it did for me.