Hormone Replacement Week 6

It will probably be a bit but the DAM is slowly getting better and a lot of things have improved in a very short time

I know a lot of women will start reading this and realize I am a man and be done. 

Don’t do that, here is why.

When I started writing about hormone replacement (testosterone replacement therapy) women started clicking the article and it seems to be MORE of a thing for women than it is for men.

While I am not an authority on hormones for women one thing that is definitely happening are the messages I am getting from women about low testosterone.

Like I said, talk to a doctor but when I started down this path I had no idea how many women would have reached out to me talking about how they are normalizing their testosterone levels and it’s a game changer.

So that’s when the quizzing starts (I am paraphrasing multiple conversations):

“For me the biggest change is easily sleep? How about you”

“Oh for sure, it’s just more even now and I wake up refreshed. Not every single time but it’s noticeably better by a large factor.”

“Overall energy levels?”

“For the longest time I thought it was just aging and that I was doomed to a life sentence. Since I started supplementing testosterone (from a doctor) my energy levels have come back.

I could go on.

Personally I didn’t start this for libido but as you can imagine things are better, in fact, to say that things are better is not giving the full picture. Things are A LOT better.

Which has me thinking about the divorce rate in this country. I realize there are a million reasons people get divorced but if that initial attraction is waning becomes of a lack of a hormones that can easily be adjusted it just feels like that should be explored more.

Lastly let me say that I don’t believe you should take this without a good plan for activity. 

I don’t know what it’s like to do this without activity but I can’t imagine taking this and getting all of the benefits and forgetting the biggest one. 

It allows you to move more and get better. Getting better includes, holding onto the muscle you have and potentially building some along the way. Not to mention bone density.

I am two weeks from my next blood test and very anxious to see what is going on but in terms of body composition, sleep and workouts. The change has been noticeable and I am being told that my dose is on the low side.

What it feels like is there was a hole in the dam and while it doesn’t feel like it’s been fixed 100% just stopping the water from leaving the dam feels like a significant improvement.