How the leanest people stay lean for life

What I love most about this picture of Anna is that it shows her enjoying life and relaxing with her son. If you follow her on IG you can easily see she has all of these priorities well in hand.

Just in case you don’t know my story I came to fitness late in life, I was 40 when things really started to take shape and in that time I have gotten to know a lot of people with the types of bodies most people aspire to have.

The first priority is going to surprise some people because it’s not obvious but when you give it some thought it makes sense.

SLEEP IS A BIG PRIORITY in their life.

Probably the fittest and best athlete I have worked with had a super power, she did virtually no cardio but slept 11 hours each day.

When I look back at my life I took my sleep hygiene for granted and when I look at the health of the world what seems consistent is our lack of prioritizing sleep. For me that has been the biggest thing and I have found that to be consistent for everyone I work with. The people that sleep well function the easiest and the people that don’t need to make it a bigger priority.

Which makes no sense when you take into account how better we all feel rested.

Yet for a lot of us we allow sleep hygiene to creep into a negative place.

So that’s my first and here is an article I wrote on some things I do now that changed my sleep hygiene, if you know me, you know my sleep is my number one priority in my life.

The next constant is not what they eat because that takes care of itself, I will explain more here in a bit but it’s how early they make moving a priority in their life. If you want to leave one legacy and you have a child make sure they understand this main point. I have two daughters and both of them are aware that my wife and I have fitness as a big priority in who we are. I can literally point to life decisions related to my health where I have had to change my life drastically.

For people that start fit their changes aren’t as drastic, it’s who they are. So when you can make sure you emphasize the role of moving and to a certain extent weight training because weight training correlates to a stronger you over time.

Unlike other people I have no fight in the weight training game and I think you can do a lot with body weight alone as long as volume is in place.

If you want to live longer and have healthier bones stop taking calcium supplements alone and start also lifting weights.

The last thing on the list is the easiest by far and I would like to remind you that my core business is nutrition, so for me to say sleep and moving are 1 and 2 should really make an impression on you.

The problem for people that want to be lean but don’t make the first two a priority it’s like building a house in quick sand. Your goal will constantly allude you.

So the last one is food, duh right?

Not so fast. 

Think about the first two, can you sleep well hungry all of the time. Some people can, most people can’t.

If you don’t sleep well how much energy do you have to workout not to mention if you under fuel what can you really accomplish?

Quality of food matters a lot but no one dies thinking “if I only had eaten more kale”, life is meant to be lived and good food carries a certain amount of joy.

So the enduring message is that quality of food takes care of itself over time, it might take you a bit to get your foundations in place but once you do it will surprise you how quickly quality of food goes up.

Lastly let me say that while nutrients are important NUTRIENTS IN THE PROPER amount is most important. 

If you are a bank you are simply the sum of all of the quality nutrients you put in your body over time.

Everything else is just a shortcut and so if you change the priorities related to your health to this foundation that the leanest people use to stay lean not only will your physique change but your whole life will change.

And that’s what being human is supposed to be about.

Let me also add that once you are lean seeing the striations in your spleen is cute for like a day but being too lean comes at a cost. The healthiest people I know are not shredded every day of their life. In fact, the people that I know that are shredded all of the time are some of the people that have the foundations I mentioned above twisted. So keep that in mind. Joy matters too for a healthy well lived life.