The Problem with Dreams

The Problem with Dreams

Go scroll through Instagram and about 35% of all the posts are about achieving your dreams. That is great, but there is a small problem with dreams and we need to talk about them. Well, we need to talk about the good part about dreams, and the problem with dreams

Whenever we start something new, there’s a dream that goes a long with it. Who will I be/what will I look like when I accomplish my dream? What’s on the other side?

When I first picked up marathon running, I remember daydreaming about crossing the finish line – of course I was always sprinting at the end, arms in the air, smiling to my adoring fans.

This dream got me through some grueling long runs in the brutal Texas heat.

But there’s a problem with dreaming. Alone it just isn’t enough. Having dreams and imagining the outcome can lead to complacency. Why do the work if you’ve already accomplished the goal in your mind? Sounds silly but think about it. How many times have you visualized yourself in the exact situation you ultimately want to be while taking zero steps to get there?

Your brain doesn’t distinguish between your thoughts about reality and what actually is. So you feel great after you’ve imagined that trip where you strut confidently in your brand new swimsuit up and down the beach. Then you go out for happy hour and tell yourself the diet can wait until tomorrow.

Imagine the Will and the Way

When it comes to a goal, we need will and ways. You can fall in love with the end result but you also need to fall in love the with process to get there. The dream is the start. Take that dream and map out the obstacles that will stand in your way. The process is about grit, creativity, learning, setbacks and ultimately hope.

I can day dream about writing a best-selling book all day long, but if I never sit down to write, nothing will ever happen.

In her book, “Rethinking Positive Thinking,” psychologist Gabrielle Oettingen notes, “When we contrast our wishes with the obstacles to their attainment we, almost magically, catalyze an extraordinarily higher level of performance.”

So dream about effortlessly pulling on those pants you haven’t worn in years or taking your shirt off at the gym to reveal your six pack abs, but also dream about how you’re going to overcome the challenges that inevitably come your way. How will you handle rejection? Injury? Financial setbacks?

When it comes to losing weight specifically, imagine what you will order the next time you go out to eat. What will you drink (or not drink) at happy hour? How are you going to stick to your training regimen when work gets busy? Having a roadmap and a dream are the key to your success!

Let us help you map the way!

By: Suzie Glassman