Salads that will make you actually want Salad

Salads that will make you actually want Salad

I will add these as we get them in but our members are posting some amazing salads (and surprisingly tasty) lately and so we thought we would share some of the ideas.

Steak Salad

Always simple and always great.  If you aren’t familiar with the way our plans work on the days you have lower carbs dietary fats end up being higher. So it’s a great day for steak (also here is an article that talks about why our plans evolve like that rather than just eating salads all of the time)! I like what Gail did here with the vegetables too. Too often people don’t include enough veggies in their steak salads and at that point you are better off just having steak.  This is 4 ounces of ribeye steak and also like that she cut it in slices (I do that with leftover steak as well).

Dan’s Asian Salad

2.  Here is what Dan posted “Yesterday’s entries into #saladwars put me on my heels. I’m back though. Asian chicken salad with homemade peanut dressing (including peanut butter FTW)”.  When you eat a salad if you don’t have fats in it the fiber will only take you so far in terms of helping with your hunger.  Adding the peanut butter is like putting a log on the fire in terms of keeping hunger at bay.

Taco Salad

3.  Ok, I get it, this looks a bit boring and it is but isn’t that sort of the point? We over think salads so much that we never do anything, right? One thing that I love about what Greg did here is that he didn’t just opt for Romaine or Iceberg, he went for Spinach which is a heartier green.  Similar to what I said above the ground beef adds an element of fat that will keep you full longer and let me give a nod to the tortilla’s, thats what 200 calories and now you have an interesting meal.

The big problem with salad is that people use them to eat as little as possible which is a great use for a salad.  But eating as little as possible often will have you hitting the local drive thru in hours, so you have to add some calories into the mix and the ground beef and tortilla’s help with that.

Besides, sometimes salads open you up to eating a bit more flexibly.  In this article Brad talks about why eating Ice Cream actually ends up being a better path to getting lean because it helps you build muscle also.   (In the Ice Cream article we have an opt in for a great workout to specifically work your abdominal muscles)

Also here is the recipe for the Asian Salad pictured