Client Profile-Cory, busy and shredded

Client Profile-Cory, busy and shredded

I have been a client of ETP for just a tad over a year, even with my own knowledge and education of a degree in a related field of kinesiology and health and fitness this programming and Form of support and Accountability has been critical for my drastic body composition improvements throughout the process. Starting at 174 (after my intentions of gaining some muscle so that when I finish this process of this focus and cut I will have made sure my body was looking a lot more strong and not frail with getting my body fat percentage so low) I have now reached 155 and I am feeling incredibly good & lean,which is exactly what I wanted for the drastic amount of sports and different athletic pursuits that I like to go after a daily basis (running, weightlifting kickboxing swimming snowboarding MMA/JIu Jitsu and basketball).

Being so active it was and is very important for me to be able to maintain energy levels during a process of fat loss.  Brad and Paul both use science and their knowledge to make sure that the body is always fueled and the client is given more food  in order to “keep the fire burning” and it made the fat loss process help reduce having hunger issues.

In short ETP is an incredible system/process for you to obtain your goals, the easy and clean method that the app helps Clients Utilize for consistency and accountability is really what makes the difference and helps a person be able to achieve their goals by improving their chances to staying dedicated to a process of diet and body composition efforts and goals.

Brad describes what it is like working with Cory


Working with Cory has been one of the best experiences I have had in my career as a coach. Cory has been one of those clients who is dedicated, consistent, and shows up every day. He has a “lunch pail” mentality: no matter the task in front of him, or how long it will take, he just packs his metaphorical lunch and sets too it. It has been amazing watching Cory navigate a really challenging few years in his life in terms of a large workload and his commitment as a member of the Air National Guard and staying focused and disciplined. This feels like just the beginning for Cory.

What is next for Cory?


Cory has reached a weight where he can compete in his sport of choice (brazilian jiu jitsu) in the weight class he needs to be in and can maintain his weight while slowly increasing his training and food. Cory has gone through several cycles and understands how to increase his food while staying weight stable. Cory will spend the next 4-6 month building up his calorie intake and maintaining his current weight and then working on another 2-3% drop in body fat in late 2019.