Client Profile: Jessica H (Hashimoto’s or Thyroid check this out)

Client Profile: Jessica H (Hashimoto’s or Thyroid check this out)

Jessica on Oct 23 (the day she joined Eat To Perform), this is her describing her dieting history with her coach, Eva is her coach.

I’m 30 years old and have struggled with my weight all my life. Since I graduated high school I have weighed over 200lbs, but was consistently around 220-240 lbs range. I have dealt with fatigue my whole life. After the birth of my son in 2012 I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroditis. I am currently taking levothyroxine 100mcg once daily in the morning and Liothyronine 5 mcg twice daily one in the morning and one around 2pm. I have had more energy since adding the Liothyronine. I have no other health problems. Good cholesterol and blood pressure. Since being diagnosed in 2012 with Hashimoto’s I have been on and off gluten free autoimmune diets, but has been hard to stick with, with having a carb loving husband and kids. Within the last 3 years my weight has gone up to the heaviest I have ever been (including when I was pregnant). Since January of this year I have been reading the Eat To Perform blogs and Facebook page and began implementing many things in my life. I got a Snap Fitness membership started lifting and walking more. By June I was seeing a difference in my body I was stronger had more energy felt better than with all the gluten free dieting I have done. I am a stay at home mom so when summer hit and my kids were home and my husband was changing to a new job position I slacked on going to the gym and wasn’t watching what I ate (which tends to be not eating enough and then when I feel sick and tired I feel like I eat too much because I don’t keep track it’s hard to tell). I was feeling tired all the time. School is back in session so I have been back at the gym. But I am really needing the guidance to make sure I am doing this right because I’m really not sure where I need to be calorie wise and even workouts. Because I don’t see the scale going down I think I am eating too much and want to cut food out. I look forward to the accountability! My goals right now are to have my clothes fit again! I want the scale to go down and I don’t really care if it takes awhile as long as I am losing some weight. My dream goal is to be under 200 lbs. I always joke with my husband I don’t care if it is 199 lbs!Jessica

Eva’s response on Oct 23rd  (Her Eat To Perform coach)

Also glad to see you back exercising again that is a great help, being fit and healthy. You are well set in your mind that’s half the battle so let’s follow the plan and evaluate as we go along to find the best balance that works for you to lose weight. You can message me any time. Again welcome!Coach Eva

Here is what happened (Jessica’s words)

Reversing out of Fat Loss 2 today on my Birthday (Fat Loss 1 is 28 days and Fat Loss 2 is 21 days, I will talk about that more at the bottom). My final total numbers are, I lost almost 32lbs (again, this happened in 7 weeks of a dieting cycle), inches lost are waist 2.5 in, hips 5.5 in, thigh 2.5 in and bicep .7 in. When I started with ETP in October I couldn’t do a pull up with weight assist now I can do sets of multiple pullups and have lessened my weight assist as I have gotten stronger. I have been feeling weak at the end of this fat loss cycle so I am looking forward to getting food back and getting stronger!

Eva describes what it’s like working with Jessica

Jessica is a pleasure to coach and has been from the get go in October when she joined ETP. She has communicated and worked hard to hit her macros and she is motivated with a goal of losing weight and eventually getting to under 200 lbs. That goal combined with her personalized ETP plan, consistency, hard work and determination have led her to the success she has had in her fat loss cycle. We built up calories after her first fat loss cycle for the Christmas holiday and Jessica nailed her plan, got her steps, kept working out following our workout program (Our Ultimate Fat Loss template) all over the holidays and then was well set up for her second fat loss cycle which started on the 3rd of January. Jessica has kept up the same approach for the second phase of fat loss with very few days off plan and when her weight stalled after 2 weeks, we decided to drop her macros further for the last week and that pushed her weigh down another 5 lbs. I’m absolutely thrilled about her work and her great results just in time for her birthday, what better present than this? Next step is to slowly and controlled add more food and push performance and then set up for another fat loss cycle later on to get closer to her final goal. Happy Birthday and well done Jessica/ Coach Eva

So what’s next for Jessica

The biggest key is just staying focused, people don’t gain weight as food normalizes, weight will often fluctuate but what happens is that they take their eye off of the ball (I doubt this is going to happen in Jessica’s case).  To recover from a dieting cycle you need at least the time where you were dieting so Jessica’s next cycle can start two months from now and that is exactly what we would recommend while she is still focused acutely on a bigger goal. 

Now let me address the Hashimoto’s and Thyroid issue, first let me say that I am not a doctor but I do have a Thyroid condition.  I was diagnosed after roughly 10 years of extreme dieting.  Most people that are dieting all of the time (similar to Jessica) aren’t aware that there is a direct connection to an irregular Thyroid and extreme dieting.  I get checked yearly and I am off meds (I am not recommending this, I am simply explaining what happened to me) I was able to get my numbers under control once food and exercise became a big priority in my life and once I found out the connection between dieting and Thyroid irregularity that was a big piece of the puzzle.  The way we cycle people in and out of dieting cycles is a good compromise for both but it wouldn’t surprise me if once Jessica does reach her goal that her Thyroid might function better as food normalizes for a long period of time.