“Put it on the card” why eating less after dieting makes things worse

“Put it on the card” why eating less after dieting makes things worse

So yesterday I detailed why you need calories in your metabolic bank to make a withdrawal (aka dieting). But what if you don’t, just eating a bit less can’t hurt right? That depends really so let me give you a common scenario that plays out daily. Rather than coming into a dieting cycle properly fed with actual data to draw from what do most people do? They tend to over react to events like holiday’s, vacations or really anything because mostly they are guessing what their intake is, sure they may over eat at times but mainly they are responsible, so when they hit the scale after a weekend of drinks and that steakhouse family tradition, weight is up. As it should be right? The reality is that most people are conscious of what they eat most of the time and only have moments where they aren’t. When you are following a plan that goes both up and down people are often shocked at how much food they need to eat when they aren’t dieting.

So what happens when you put in the card?

You know what happens and the answer is not a lot. I mean yeah you will see some small progress, enough that it makes you keep wanting to bang your head against that particular rock but what’s the end game? To be very clear “putting it on the card” is really a better metaphor than you think because the consequences can be severe, just like credit card debt. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that thyroid irregularities are through the roof right now? What about all those hair and nail advertisements? There isn’t a whole lot of incentives for those folks to tell you that you are dieting too hard and you have it all wrong so instead of dealing with the problem you take the medication and get hair replacement and remain confused. These don’t seem connected (and to be clear for some they aren’t) but the numbers don’t lie, everyone is dieting more extremely and the consequences are adding up. What was once unhealthy one way is now unhealthy the other way.

You need a budget!

I realize this is the opposite of the way it sounds but this is how it works (think of debt as dieting and a creating a surplus as not dieting) . For you to get out of credit card jail you need to pay off those credit cards first. Same thing here, to stop “putting it on the card” you need to have periods where you aren’t dieting so that you not only pay off the calorie debt but you also get some money in the metabolic bank.

This is an inconvenient truth, you probably don’t know how much your body would prefer to eat for you to thrive and I get it, you are scared to death but there is no other way. What I think happens is that this scarcity mentality just takes over and that becomes your new life. The truth is that for dieting to work you have to live a life of abundance most of the time (create a healthy budget) and then when you want to make a withdrawal you aren’t dealing with a lot of debt that has built up over years. For a lot of people it’s much safer mentally to not push their comfort level and get nowhere but those same people often get frustrated when secretly I think they know why.

Here is the first article in the series and why it’s very difficult to break a metabolism.

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