Your metabolism is not static and it’s probably not broken, let me explain

Your metabolism is not static and it’s probably not broken, let me explain

People view metabolism as this nebulus thing they don’t control and that is the opposite of how your metabolism actually works. So I am going to use this check to explain it simply.

If you went into a bank and wrote this check for say a million dollars it would seem ridiculous to the teller if as an example you don’t have a million dollars in your account. Yet this is what dieters do every single day. Metabolism is largely dependent on the deposits you are making, if you look at how body builders put on mass it always involves strategic upping of food. Another way to deposit would be to go to the gym and put on some muscle. AND THAT’S THE SHORT LIST!

If you don’t do it this way and you think you have a broken metabolism you are probably right. But you broke it. It’s also pretty easy to fix for most folks but you can’t fix it just hammering harder. Eating and Doing has to be in the mix and you probably need to be smart about what you are doing and why. If every time you have a meal you have to work out to work off that meal, that probably isn’t helping because you won’t hold onto muscle viewing exercise that way, nor is it a healthy way to view food.

I say it all of the time, the more you diet the worse you get at dieting and if you never view food as an ally you will never but enough money in your metabolic bank account to make a withdrawal. That’s just a fact.

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