The future of eating is coming and its everything you dreamt it would be

The future of eating is coming and its everything you dreamt it would be

What you eat and how you eat is a hotly debated topic, if you want to find out HOW hotly debated just bring it up at any family get together and if you thought politics was controversial, watch out.  People have a lot of ideas about food, how to enjoy it and ultimately how to lose weight if that becomes important to you at some point.  So first let’s talk about what it won’t be:

1.  It won’t be expensive, whether it’s inpatient care or one on one, nutrition coaching can be expensive.  One of the reasons why diets spread like wild fire on social media is because people feel like they need to find their brand of under eating that they can live with for the rest of their life.

2.  Not only will you not under eat most of your life, you will eat foods you enjoy with relative abundance, I say relative because on a scientific level your Total Daily Energy Expenditure has been modeled for years and one thing is clear.  People don’t eat that much.

3.  Tracking food is one of those things that people think is very hard that’s actually quite easy.  Guess what, it’s about to get a whole lot easier, whether it’s taking pictures of food or states requiring restaurants to post calories, food tracking is about to change.  Another reason people don’t like to track is because it emphasizes a negative.  But what if it didn’t, what if food could be an ally and you could eat with relative abundance most of the time.  That changes things (or at least it should).

4.  This probably should be number one but it’s hard to make a case for it without the first three.  Ever go to an online calculator and type in all of the information and what it spits out seems ridiculous (if it doesn’t it should)?  The reason is simple, that calculator is basing everything on what your Total Daily Energy Expenditure should be, NOT WHAT IT IS and since I mentioned earlier they don’t know this information, they are just guessing and that guessing is very frustrating for people that want to lose weight and have wanted to lose weight for a long time.

5.  If you were preparing for retirement what is the most important number before you can model what your retirement can look like? It’s how much you can save and how fast.  Literally every diet plan out there knows this is the most important piece but it’s very inconvenient to tell people this.  What if it wasn’t? What if you could literally show thousands of people eating freely and occasionally dipping into their “savings” to make a withdrawal.  What if you could then model it different ways based on vacation? Time of year? The holiday’s? That would be cool right? Well that’s not the half of it.

6.  What if you could see how millions of people did doing the exact same approach? That would be intriguing right? Currently we have about 10,000 people using that approach and that momentum doesn’t look to be changing.  The problem isn’t that tracking food isn’t convenient it’s that it stops working at a point and no one knows what to do after that.  If you saw what other people did, their results and why that was a lot more effective, now the mystery goes away.  Similar to retirement it’s not fun seeing that money come out of your check but when you need it, having it there is pretty cool.  That’s how it will work.  Besides, we aren’t talking about money coming out, we are talking about food going in, which isn’t just a little bit cooler, it’s a lot cooler.

7.  It gets even better, what if you knew how Type 2 Diabetics responded to this approach or women with PCOS (or really just about anything).  Currently our coaches can model this but as we get more data we can better predict the outcome.  What we are doing is already light years ahead of what everyone else is doing.

Starting another rigid diet with low success rates was never a business I wanted to be in.  The business I wanted to be in was the business no one else even considered.  Since starting Eat To Perform there have been a few businesses that SOUNDED like us but the devil is in the details and the reality is it’s a steep hill to climb.  You need a lot of people, a lot of data and you need money to keep going.  So eventually they all succumb to the pressure to just be a slightly different version of Weight Watchers or Low Carb or whatever. 

Not only did I never want to be that, history has shown us the net result is obesity.  The reason is simple, the more you diet, the worse you get at dieting, so the solution was always right under our nose.  The best part is that it exists now and we keep working to make it better each day.  That’s the business I wanted to be in and it’s pretty exciting for me and I suspect it sounds pretty exciting to all of you as well.

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