I had no idea I wanted to look like this

I had no idea I wanted to look like this

I remember so vividly the number that started all of this when I turned 30, the number was 185.  That was my mason dixon line, I don’t really know how I came up with that specific number but I know my clothes fit reasonable well and weight didn’t show in my face near as much.

I turned 50 a few months ago and today I got home from a workout and ran a bath and as I looked in the mirror and thought “how did this all happen?”.  Now I need to be super clear, I am just a guy, I am not 4% body fat at 262 pounds, no one looks at me and goes, “that’s the gym stud”.  But it would be unmistakable, I definitely workout and anyone looking at me knows it.  One reason why they know it is the clothes I wear, I dress like a person proud of his physique.  This was not the norm when I was 185, I wore baggy clothes because for the most part I didn’t work out.  Okay, let’s lose the “for the most part”, I didn’t work out.  The picture below was a series of extreme dieting gone wrong, At my highest I was over 250.

I think when people start dieting cycles they have a lot of thoughts but the end game is sort of this unknown beast.  My goal was to stay around 185 but I really didn’t have a VISUAL of what that looked like.

Once I started to pull all of the pieces together the thing that stood out the most was the muscle, muscle I didn’t know I even wanted.  That was never a priority in my life.  I say all of this not as a beast of a person that everyone on Instagram wants to be.

I say this as me, a 50 year old man that weighs 195 pounds with 40 more pounds of muscle than I had when I first started.  I say this because this is MY JOURNEY and rather than superficial goals that really don’t mean all that much it’s about health, both mentally and physically.  All that said, am I proud of the picture below, yes I am, it shows my hard work and years of dedication.

I love what my body is capable of doing but I would have never known what that was until I started (and to a certain extent allowing my journey to evolve from a very narrow thing to a very dynamic thing).  I think when people see me they think of a fit guy, a family guy, a guy that takes his health seriously.  I am glad that when I take my shirt off that my hard work is visible but I am more proud of the fact that I can be around and capable for my family.

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