Member Profile: From Under Eater to “Are you going to eat that?”

Member Profile: From Under Eater to “Are you going to eat that?”

Shannon starts Eat To Perform on April 13th 2018, she weighs 183 and jumps right into Fat Loss.  Probably not the best idea because she came to us under eating and since Fat Loss is essentially under eating we had to work through that until about June, that’s when things really took off for her.

As you can probably see in her graph we saw a gradual down but if you look at the red line her calories went up from June to basically September.  The blue line is her weight and the purple line is her goal that her coach Angie continuously adjusted.

As her calories creeped up to a whopping 2754 calories (while weight was still creeping down though it was getting harder) we then started her second fat loss stage.  If you look at her original graph you will see that weight was gradually going down but at that point it really wasn’t the calories doing the work, her calories actually were higher than before, so she was able to workout better and more efficiently.

We are working on a visual representation of this in the app but this is a great example of food as an ally. You can’t make a withdrawal from a bank where you haven’t made any deposits.

Here is the funny part.  Shannon’s calories aren’t the lowest we will go but she started Fat Loss at 168 (down from 183 in April) today she is 158 with some runway still left to tap if we need it but from the looks of it, we probably won’t.

Before I give you Shannon in her words something people often say to me is “I don’t want more food because I am scared I will gain weight”.  What this basically says is that the dysfunctional state that constant dieting has you in is what you want to cuddle up to.  You want to cuddle up to low expectations.  What Shannon’s file shows is that if you take on the challenge and you are in charge, there is no amount of food that can stop you.  As she got more food she saw that as a challenge and it didn’t just change her life, it changed her body too.

Shannon just started her second stage of the Fat Loss cycle she started in late September, her calories yesterday were 1,777.  They might go lower but we didn’t need to in the first stage and she lost 10 pounds.  So lower isn’t always the right answer, better is always better.

Shannon in Shannon words

I was 230lbs in my mid 20s, lost weight by going 1200 cals. Got to 180 and went +/- 20lbs for the next 15 years by doing calorie cuts, fad diets (none of them including substantial carbs), and random binges. All while staying fairly active.

Started ETP in April of this year and after one FL phase, a couple months in PR where my super day was 2800cals, I’ve gone from 186 to 159.

Ive seen what I consider success quite quickly, so not sure if I fit the “a while”, but I’d consider the weight loss substantial. However, more successful is how my body has reacted non scale weight wise. I have lifted weights at 1200/1500 cals and have seen a little muscle in my arms, sometimes, but now, my shoulders, back, and quads look unlike I’ve EVER seen.

Although I’m doing another FL right now to try to lean out (typical body fat measures always have me around 35%), my mind is blown that I was able to eat the amount I was eating and continued to drop pounds and lean down. 

Better yet, is that I had PCOS at 230lbs and always assumed I was insulin resistant because it’s quite common, so I stayed away from carbs. My body is responding to carbs and food like I never could have imagined. Also, just got checked and doc says no cysts.

And when i tell all the gym people who are amazed at my visual progress, I tell them I’m eating a ton of food, a ton of carbs, and prioritizing weight lifting. I can tell they don’t want to believe me. Their whole view is shattered, much like mine was. 🤯

I’ll assume I’m a typical data subject that proves ETPs structure works.

I’ll add though, that I’m VERY compliant and pretty much always hit greens in food and yellow or green on steps and sleep (both a big issue at the start).

So yeah 😍

Here is a quote from her journal (EMMA is the Eat To Perform algorithm) “Another funny story… when I started ETP, I was terrified of a food bump. I hated Emma; I wanted nothing to do with her; I was actually a little afraid to hit my weight goals because I knew it came with more food. I was terrified of more food. That sounds so ridiculous right now! Hit a weight goal, get more food, and then hit ANOTHER weight goal, and always being afraid of more food. Uh, silly, YOU ARE GETTING MORE FOOD AND STILL HITTING WEIGHT GOALS! Now, I am overjoyed with more food. I want all the food. AP is like Christmas.”

Special thanks go the photographer of this image Nhia Vang who can be found on Facebook using this link Nhia Vang on Facebook

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