The problem with eating intuitively (Male Case Study)

The problem with eating intuitively (Male Case Study)

I’ll post yesterday’s article at the bottom where I reviewed a female ETP client and her case study (she is halfway through at this point), so after you are done with this one make sure to check that one out also.

I know sometimes when I talk about women men don’t listen and vice versa but the over arching idea is the same and since I used a woman in the case study before I am going to use a man this time.  When a client first comes to Eat To Perform we obviously don’t know anything about their eating history but if weight is up, they assume they are over eating, which might be true.  This situation is a bit of a hybrid but let’s start with the last question, how can you gain weight under eating? Well it’s not really that simple but let’s say that you “eat clean” most of the time but you don’t think you are too bad the rest of the time.  For most people when they eat clean that means they under eat, this is typical and then when they eat flexibly on the weekend the net result is a gradual climb with the scale.  That is actually what happened in the scenario I am about to describe.

So Bob came to us through a friend that had a lot of success with Eat To Perform.  Within the first week we set a very aggressive goal of 2 pounds for all clients that sign up, since the goal is so close almost everyone hits it.  This is one of the signs that can tell us if a client was over eating.  Bob hit it but it was literally on the 7th day.  His coach expressed a bit of concern to Bob but together they agreed to move on.  Bob is 6’1” and 210 pounds and higher than average as it relates to activity.  To Bob’s credit he listened to his coach and started pre-logging meals very early on.  It wasn’t easy but high to low Bob lost 6 pounds, at one point he said that he had 30 pounds to lose, so you can imagine he was disappointed.  In the AP (adaptation prevention) phase his weight fluctuated up 2 pounds.

We tried to explain to him that this was normal and that he really didn’t come to us over fed he just had moments where he didn’t eat all that great and those moments over time added up.  His coach gave him the option to go into the second phase of fat loss but strongly cautioned him to keep his expectation low and that the expectation was going to be 4-6 pounds based on his experience working with clients similar to Bob.

Bob canceled.  I think in the end Bob had his heart set on just suffering as hard as he could to lose 30 pounds (so he would never have to diet again) and he realized that wasn’t in the cards for this cycle.

About a week later Bob reached out to us and said he was ready to commit.  He has been in recomp for about 4 weeks now and he is already talking about the differences in his workouts and just his overall demeanor and his energy level is much more stable, none of the weekend deviations (mostly, lol).

Bob became a lifetime member a few weeks after coming back, he just couldn’t see himself doing anything other than this in reflection.  His calories are just over 3,000 calories right now and I think he has abandoned that “I need to lose 30 pounds” stuff.  The problem is Bob didn’t really know he was under eating, he wanted to be under 200 and thought that would be super easy and it wasn’t.  His wish number was 180 based on very little.  I think he has abandoned his wish number at this point and has put a fat loss cycle on the calendar after the holiday’s, until then he is working on building runway (more food, more metabolism) and focusing on this workout routine.

This is a very common scenario for men and women, even though WE like to think of ourselves as a lifetime solution for people they don’t tend to start off that way.  To Bob we were just another weight loss solution that would just make him suffer until he reached his goal.  The reality is that Bob’s already a pretty healthy guy, he routinely talks about how it’s amazing how much food he eats now and that he never viewed food like this in the past.  Bob is going to crush his Fat Loss cycle in January because he will be working with numbers that will allow for a significant deficit based on where he is at now and he’s not done building.

Here is the article from yesterday with the female case study.