Performance Recomp Explained (and why it’s the key to the Eat To Perform method)

Performance Recomp Explained (and why it’s the key to the Eat To Perform method)

I want to start in the beginning because I think people are often confused when they start and see our baseline plan, most people coming to Eat To Perform look at that plan and see it as a reasonable amount of food, some even suggest it’s “more food than they could possibly eat”.  So I am going to start where most of you start, the baseline plan.  The baseline plan is simply an assessment we use to make adjustments to help you get the results you are seeking, it is the starting line.  The good majority of people that come to Eat To Perform assume wrongly that they are over eating and that is why they can’t lose weight but MANY people that do the baseline plan do in fact lose weight even if the calories are higher than they were eating previously but once again that is the starting line, it’s like the appetizer before the main course.

Why performance recomp exists, why it’s important and why understanding what it does is paramount to your success for the rest of your life

To understand performance recomp (I will refer to it as Recomp for the rest of this article) you need to understand your bodies basic energy requirements and we have the best way to figure that out.  When we move someone from Fat Loss to Recomp we want to do that as fast as possible, the reason is simple, the faster you do it the more progress you can make in a short amount of time.  People wrongly assume that in both Fat Loss and Recomp the goal is acute weight loss and that isn’t the case, here is the goal:

The goal of Recomp is to normalize calories, build muscle (assuming a good training program like Everything Hurts is in place) and stay weight stable in that process.  When a coach sets your weight goal initially it is designed for you to hit as many goals as possible as fast as possible (the math is 10 goals gets you back to your previous weight).  The problem for most people is that they get switched to Recomp as their calories increase acutely and they get scared, after all everyone knows that when you eat more food you gain weight? But is that true? The faster you can acclimate your body to the change we can actually keep you weight stable with a slight trend downward depending on how you train and how often you have dieted in the past.  Here is the key point…..

The red line in this image shows the key to success, the higher you can get your calories in recomp while staying weight stable or losing weight (like in this image) the more success you will have with body composition and fat loss cycles down the road.

Don’t let 3 pounds stop you from losing 20 pounds

The ETP method is simple, the higher your calories are when you are weight stable the more progress you can make in the gym and in a Fat Loss phase down the road.  Often people will focus on the two pounds they are up after a weekend and not realize that the end game is not small bit sized chunks, it’s aggressive progress so being concerned about your weight being up a couple of pounds on any one given day not only misses the bigger point, IT’S ACTUALLY CONTRARY TO YOUR TRUE GOAL (as illustrated in the graph above).  Said simply if you have a good training program in place (this differs from person to person, for some people walking with occasional weight training works really well) and your goal is Fat Loss your calories probably need to be much higher than you think to make real progress.

We have literally thousands of examples of this simple fact but I understand you have some fear, so let’s talk about that.

“What happens when my weight is at the top end of the range and I am feeling uncomfortable”

That depends on a few factors but here is the real question, did you let the system work or did you get in the way? Sometimes when people’s calories start to rise day after day they panic, what this panic essentially does is robs you of the ultimate end game.  Even with this we are able to get people progress but not quite the end game they hoped for.  The people that take recomp serious and get their calories as high as possible have the best results EVERY SINGLE TIME.  The reason is simple, metabolism is math at a certain point and you have to work your metabolic math to a point much higher then where you were and possibly what you even considered was normal.  Let’s face it, if you knew what normal was you wouldn’t need us.

We know how to keep you weight stable in Recomp

We are the absolute best at this, there is no company that exists that views nutrition the way we view it.  The issue is not that we can’t keep you weight stable, the real issue is that people don’t understand what their real energy requirements are and while I understand this takes a certain amount of faith there is no one that becomes obese in less than a week.  Which is the amount of time it will take for an Eat To Perform coach to review your file.

You are in charge

The problem with the health and fitness industry is that it’s taken away your biggest tool in your fat loss journey, your energy.  Food is energy so if the basic assumption is that you shouldn’t be dieting all of the time (and it should be to see real results) then the more food you have the more awesome things you can do.  In recomp, the focus is “doing awesome things” the more you focus on that and let us take care of the weight part the more success you will have in the long run.

Lastly let me say rather than cuddling up to less every single time you get scared or the scale is up challenge yourself to be more and do more.  If you do that you will never need a Fat Loss cycle at a certain point.  That’s the end game and that’s what Eat To Perform coaches help you achieve.