Eat To Perform From Beginning to End & Why Your Training Should Match Your Goals

Eat To Perform From Beginning to End & Why Your Training Should Match Your Goals

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ETP is more effective than virtually any other system out there.  We are going to give you a quick run-down of the phases, training, and general tips and guidance.

We have a free two-week trial starting up.  With this free trial, we increased our capacity so that we can take on more clients.  We usually sell out within hours when offered over one day.  We are going to try and space it out to take on 300 people a day over multiple days, but it sells out in 30 minutes a day.  This is the first time with a free trial that we have also offered a training template.  Starting September 15, we will have a new challenge.  During the last challenge, we had a few prizes that were given out, but we are starting a new round; details to follow.

Let’s Talk About Goals

With ETP, we coach you through your goals, which change frequently.  Anyone can write out a diet plan, like you buy with expensive coaching programs – they deal with bodybuilders and that is their way of doing things.  We deal with the mass population, and assume people want to eat ice cream and drink wine on occasion, and also want to see progress and meet goals along the way.

In general, most macro sites don’t work with a lot of information from you.  They don’t know what you’re eating.  We start with a baseline plan and work from that baseline plan. We don’t assume that you’re drinking Mountain Dew and eating Snickers nonstop.  But if you did, you will lose a lot of weight quickly.  If you’ve been relatively irresponsible and want to clean things up, that’s great. But we will walk you through how not to be in this position again next September.

In ETP, the cycles are Fat Loss, Muscle Gain (not many people do this, especially coming right in) or Recomp (AKA Performance Recomp).  Most people want to go into Fat Loss when they come in.  We start you at the baseline plan, which is around 1,700 calories for females and 2,200 calories for males.  If you were overeating this plan when you came in, you will lose fat.  We expect you to do the plan.  If you don’t want to, then please don’t sign up – it is a coaching program.  Most programs don’t know what you’re eating, so they will tell you to eat as little as possible and charge a lot for it.  We have a plan that allows you to acclimate to what you do.  The App allows coaches to follow your progress and you get more food as you hit your goals.  This is a big contradiction to every other plan out there.

How We Help Our Clients Lose Fat & Perform Their Best

Science says that dieting negatively affects thyroid, hormone balance (e.g. women’s cycles), hair loss, sleep, workouts, etc.  You might find that bodybuilders are impotent and women lose their sex drive related to dieting.  We positively affect these things when you hit a goal by giving you more food.  If you are eating 1,200 calories and can’t lose weight, don’t cut calories more – this is what everyone else does and it doesn’t work.  You may lose weight, but you won’t necessarily lose fat and you won’t preserve muscle.  We push you to the point of seeing the most progress with the least amount of intervention.  We want you to lose the most weight without the most hurt.

You are more likely to lose weight if you are sleeping, getting to the gym regularly, and have a coach that isn’t cutting calories.  If you’re interested in a supplement that helps you burn fat and get a good night’s sleep, check out Resurge reviews 2020, Resurge supplement review and feedback, latest Resurge customer reviews. People that come to ETP tend to make massive progress because they didn’t consider that they had a sleep problem, needed to fuel their workouts better, or other issues that our coaches help identify, so they make a lot of progress when these things are corrected.  When you stall, we don’t cut calories.  If you stall 2-4 weeks, we move you to a Recomp cycle, where you are focused on muscle building and work capacity.  You will spend more time in Recomp than Fat Loss.

Your weight goal in Recomp is set at 3 lbs from where you are at the moment you enter the cycle.  If you lost 15 lbs in Fat Loss and stalled, you will be moved to the Recomp cycle and your weight goal will be bumped by 3 lbs to allow for a number of goal hits relatively quickly.  The goal of Recomp cycles is to still see progress, but it is set for you to hit a goal 10 times.  Sometimes we have to make adjustments for you to do it.  For example, let’s say you start at 195 lbs, and you lost 15 lbs in Fat Loss, but your overall goal is to lose 40 lbs.  At the start of Recomp, your goal is set at 183 lbs.  Every time you hit a goal (you are under your set goal weight), the system brings your weight goal down 0.3 lbs.  By the time you hit 10 goals, you are back at 180 lbs, your end weight in Fat Loss, with an emphasis on progress of doing, sleeping, and making your gym experience more efficient.  You could certainly keep going and hit more than 10 goals.

If your weight has plateaued, you have normalized, and that is built into our program.  We are trying to keep people weight stable in Recomp.  There will be some weight fluctuations, but the overall trend will be weight loss or stability, depending on that person’s needs/goals.  It is much easier to take calories away from someone that is in Recomp than someone that only eats 1,600 calories a day.  Many people are wrong about their calorie requirements.  If you are weight stable at 2,500 calories, you are better than you were before.  Don’t focus on 1-2 lbs.  If you can get a person that wants to lose 40 lbs to 3,300 calories, you can cut 750 calories from their diet and they will have much better results on Fat Loss.  If you want to lose 40 lbs and not lose a lot of muscle, you have to do it slowly.  The longer you stay on Recomp, the longer your body has to acclimate to a better metabolism, put on muscle, and improve hormone function.

People have wishes and want coaches to grant them.  We have to have a plan.  Most people have no idea what their normal caloric intake should be.  Our plan allows you to find out what your body needs to operate optimally.  Sometimes things happen and weight goes up a bit.  ETP teaches you how to not diet and how your body wants to exist.  We will make changes now and then to find your sweet spot.  We are trying to teach you how your body works, why it works that way, and we coach you through that process.  It can be frustrating, but it is how you get better.

If you are interested in reading about how your body responds to stress, Paul recommends the book “The Hour Between Dog and Wolf”.

A note regarding foods to eat – we are talking about mostly whole foods and, for carbs, starches.

How Training Factors In

You should have periods where you are having fun and not so focused on a goal.  A lot of people need to mix up their training.  Be happy in the moments when you’re just messing around.  You need to allow for deloads.  This allows you to be better when you get back at it.  Smarter is taking a break from the level of intensity you would like to operate at so you can see some results – you can get newbie gains again.

With the new training template, you will need food to recover.  It’s probably harder than anything you’ve done.  If your goal is to put on lean mass while losing fat, this will be great for you.  But you may need more food to recover in the process.  You don’t have to go to a Globo gym to do this – there will be modifications so you can fit it into your program.  This challenges you to figure out new movements, changing tempos, etc.