How to Get A Beach Body This Summer

How to Get A Beach Body This Summer

You’re probably asking yourself “Why is Dr. Brad writing an article on getting beach ready?” Look, I get it; I am 100% just like the rest of you.  Summer time is around the corner and that means beach season!  I’m interested in looking good when I go get my sun on too.   The goal of looking good at the beach is completely legit and I want to give you advice on how to do that the right way.

Confidence Baby, Confidence

Rolando Blackman was at the line shooting a free throw to tie the NBA All-Star game (before it was a total joke) and as soon as he let the shot go he yelled, “Confidence baby, confidence”. Before we even go into what you need to know to build a beach body we have to start with the most important thing, confidence.

I would guess 99% of what dictates how you perceive your beach body AND how other’s perceive you is your confidence. Love yourself and show the world how confident you are, and to immortalize Blackman, shout out, “Confidence baby, confidence.”

Beach Bodies Are Built – Not Revealed

About 20 minutes before I sat down to write this I was walking through the airport (work not vacation, yuck) and saw all of the health and fitness magazines with their “Get Ready For Summer” issue. Every single one had something to the effect of, “eat these 7 flat tummy foods to get ready for swimsuit season”. It made me realize that every single one of these magazines just doesn’t get it, if you want a beach ready body those 7 foods aren’t going to do a damn thing for you.

Look, the real truth is that your beach body is built, not magically revealed by some super special chemical in some super special food. Yeah, yeah, I know, this is disappointing news, but lets be real with ourselves for a moment, did you really think that a handful of Acai berries and some almonds were going to magically transform everything? I think you kinda knew this all along.

If You Wanna Look Shredded, You Need Full Muscles

Which of these is a good way to describe that beach body look you are going for: hard muscles that pop, or soft muscle that don’t? This is one of those open book quizzes where I will give you the answer, it is hard muscles that pop.

If you want hard muscles that “pop” then crash dieting down to the beach body is about as effective as trying to heat your house in the dead of winter in Calgary with all the windows open. Dieting, especially low carb dieting, is a great way to reduce muscle glycogen, lower water retention in muscles and get some soft looking muscles. I mean there is a VERY good reason body builders manipulate their muscles to store as much glycogen and water on meet day. You wanna pop and look shredded, you gotta keep your muscles full by eating an adequate amount of calories and carbs.

Train Smarter!

Let me sum up where we are right now in 3 bullet points

  1. Its 99% about your confidence
  2. That secret crash diet isn’t the secret
  3. If you want to look your best, any hardcore dieting strategy won’t get you there.

That brings us to our last point, how do you train for that beach body?

It turns out that building that beach body isn’t some horrible process of destroying yourself or some super complicated exercises that target just the right muscles in just the right way. It simply takes a smart approach to training that optimizes your results. You need high volume work, some dedicated abdominal work, a nice mix of low and high intensity cardio (not all that much really) and smart recovery .

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