Ice Cream Equals Abs

Ice Cream Equals Abs

There are far too many diet books out there telling you that the secret to abs are to restrict certain foods from your diet. This is silly and can actually be counter productive most of the time. I am here to set the record straight and tell you why ice cream can actually be a part of a plan that gets you abs.

No one food prevents you from being lean

Those “Don’t eat these foods if you want abs” lists are complete and total nonsense. There is no single food that keeps you from being lean. What keeps you from being lean is the whole context of your diet, your physical activity, your sleep, and your stress.  So right out the chute, it is pretty clear that ice cream by itself probably isn’t going to do any harm to your abs.  Now that we covered that let us move on.

Carbs build Muscle

One of the big reason most people who are “leanish” don’t have abs is that abs are muscles and they just don’t have enough muscle. They have been dieting for forever and haven’t even focused on building their abs.  You can diet all you want, but if there aren’t any muscle to reveal, they won’t magically appear at some arbitrary body fat percent.

Eating a low-carb diet is a good way to ensure that your gains are destroyed. One of the things we know from decades of scientific research and that both carbohydrates and protein together are what makes for optimal muscle growth. So having a little ice cream in your diet in order to meet the carbohydrate needs is actually a good way to hit your carb goals and allow you to actually build muscle.

If you can’t eat ice cream and get abs, your plan sucks and you need a new plan

A serving of ice cream is between 110-150 calories. In the overall context of your diet this is about the equivalent of a small snack a day. For most people this makes up like 5% of their daily food intake. So if you have a plan that doesn’t allow you to have about 5% of your daily calories from the most delicious food on the planet, you need a new plan. There is no reason you can’t easily consume a serving of ice cream every single day, fit it in your plan, and get that fABulous 6 six pack.

You Need A Program!

In addition to ice cream, a smart program will make getting abs 100x easier for you, we have created a specialized ab training program that will really push your limits and help make your six pack pop.