Eat To Perform Trends Application Sneak Preview

Eat To Perform Trends Application Sneak Preview

First things first:  when does this come out?

We are pretty far along in the process and expect to start testing in a couple of weeks.  Soft dates are to have staff testing it before Thanksgiving and clients using it the first half of December.  The first people to use the app in allof its glory will be our Group Coaching clients, then TrendSheets Elite clients.   If you join now not only will you lock in 2016 pricing but Elite TrendSheets are included in this package.14894466_10154617055767296_191216744_o

This is the tentative version of one of the sign up screens.  Having a FitBit account will make things far easier.  You don’t even need to have a FitBit.  You can sign up for an account for free and link your food log to it and it will give ETP coaches your weight, activity, and food log stats automatically.  This will streamline the “customizing” part of what we do.  If you decide you don’t want to do that we suspect we will have other options soon like Garmin and Apple but you can also manually enter your data.14895626_10154617055737296_946045394_o

This screen is your home screen.  It’s a work in progress right now but basically how it works is that when you open the app, this is your plan for the day.  The color lines are a feature we use to help people with their goals and you will see us use that in other more relevant screens below.  One VERY BIG change is the EMPHASIS on weekly average.  A big piece of the trial and error clients need to succeed is understanding that these averages matter as we phase people in and out of fat loss AND PERFORMANCE cycles for sustainable results.14859296_10154617055472296_451985344_o

Currently with our Coaching and Elite TrendSheets clients have this request a review button but it’s in the sidebar and not always easy to access on mobile.  The Trends App changes that in a big way.  While this definitely ups the level of communication we have with clients, this is the direction we are going and future phases already have mapped out how we can communicate with clients more efficiently so they can reach their goals.

If you aren’t in our coaching program or have an Elite TrendSheet you should have no idea what this screen is but you will soon because it’s the key to a better line of communication and more consistently following the plan and customizing the plan with a much higher level of trial and error to maximize progress.14907786_10154617055622296_1996337455_o-1

We are still working on this screen as well but this will give the user an easy way to look at their trends.  On the back end these screens make creating plans a breeze for clients and the level of interaction will sky rocket.  Basically, when you click any of the tiles on the home screen it will bring you to one of these screens where you can get a sense of the progress you are making.  Ultimately this information is for coaches to guide you but it’s also helpful to keep people consistently on the plan.

So what’s the blue line? THAT’S YOUR PLAN!14876282_10154617055502296_234198855_o

Finally, this is an example of our weight screen, which likely looks fairly similar to most apps.  One thing we are excited about is potentially having this graph intersect with clients plans to emphasize the point of why periods of not dieting are REALLY important for deficit phases.

Thanks for taking a look!