Fat Shaming And What Fat Loss Looks Like As We Age

Fat Shaming And What Fat Loss Looks Like As We Age

I decided since we hadn’t done a podcast in a while that I would do one publicly on the main page.  If you don’t know my story I will tell it in pictures below.  At 35:53 the internet does what the internet does best and someone commented how I had a double chin which was a great opportunity for me to talk about what being lean looks like as we age, especially for people coming from an obese background like I did.  This also opened the door to what it felt like when was 150 pounds (LOT’s of loose skin) and then now at 175 pounds with 25 pounds more muscle.

Here is a picture of me at what I believe is the 2005 World Series of Poker.  courtesy of www.hendonmob.com (not sure if that is still an active site):

Paul Poker Image

Here is a picture of me with my family at 230 pounds:

I loved this dude and you would have as well. He was a cool guy.

Here are pictures of me at 21% and at 9%


The picture of me on the front page and at the top of the article is from a few weeks ago.  Yet I still have loose skin and I am still quite lean as you can see.  You can also find the podcast on itunes and stitcher by searching Eat To Perform.  I hope you enjoyed all of the conversation, not just the fat shaming conversation.


Here is the video (which I will fully admit is not the best angle for me but I was filming from my phone and it that’s where the charger was located)