Volume and Sleep, rinse and repeat (week 3 reversing journal)

Volume and Sleep, rinse and repeat (week 3 reversing journal)

Today starts my THIRD WEEK and trends are certainly emerging with my data.  First of all my sleep is out of the park at the moment but one trend that should certainly be clear is that VOLUME is my big driver.  Those are the days where my calories are up and with good rest and adequate recovery days my weight is often stable and doesn’t spike up.  That trend will only continue as work capacity continues to increase.  The reason this is the case is simple, when you look at my volume pieces they are often sets and reps with rest or Maximal Effort (heavy low reps), I have been combining those days with hill sprints or airedyne sprints prepping for a fitness competition this weekend.  So what about this big burns on non-workout days where calories are low (low being relative, most are just under 2500 a day)? Honestly I wish those burns weren’t as high but my wife can’t work out at the moment (surgery) so in the evening I walk with her.  Does that affect my weight? Almost certainly but notice that it doesn’t really go up or down much.  Why is that? Basically that’s water and hydration.  As volume is increasing water is getting used rather than sitting on the outside of the cell (can be a contributor to bloating).  Also note that on those days I tend to eat faster loading carbs around my workouts.  That helps the loading and allows for better workouts.

Also because I keep carbs in and use them efficiently with work volume I don’t get these huge water swings like someone that JUST low carb or avoids carbs.  Also note that even on my cycling days carbs are in the mix, just not near as much.

I am going to continue this for two more weeks but honestly I feel like the formula is there for everyone to see.  What I hope you see in the next few weeks is volume increasing and I plan on starting a bit more accessory work around my workouts but I feel in a great groove right now.

Once again here is the link to my food log (you might need to use the calendar to go back to the beginning), my fitbit and I will add screen shots of my weight along the way.

I have to tell you guys, I don’t know if this is the fittest I have ever been but 100% I feel like this is the most sustainable approach because I am not killing myself but I have enough volume to keep getting better.  I do think the walking helps, mostly with sleep.

Also here is a podcast we did recently with Jeff Rothschild on hydration (it was very good), very women focused (cycles and bloating)

I guess some lessons you need to learn again and again

In general I believe we are our own worse enemies and yesterday/last night is a great example.  Firstly let me say that I consider myself very smart as it relates to hydration and if you haven’t listened to our last podcast it will change your life with Jeff Rothschild (the one above).  I have a fitness competition on Saturday so the next two days are just chill (yesterday and what is ultimately today as I am writing this).  Today I went for about a 5 mile ruck which is fairly low activity for me and so I treat it as a rest day.  Here are the two big takeaway’s because I woke up with less than 6 hours sleep and I was down almost 2 pounds.  I WAS DEHYDRATED! If you look at my food log you will see that my carbs were lowish which isn’t great for staying hydrated, also I ended up sweating much more than was normal because the weather is getting warm but here is the biggest piece, exercise accumulates, as volume goes up the metabolic demand goes up.  Since the whole point of these posts is to show you how to reverse out of deficit cycle this is one of the most important parts of the series.  As volume increases food needs to increase on both workout days and REST DAYS!

As I have said in the past during my deficit cycle I ate 2200 calories on workout days and 2000 calories on rest days.  So now that volume is back up what was my deficit calories on workout days during my deficit is now insufficient as it relates to my REST DAYS coming out of a deficit cycle.

That’s the kind of thing you figure out tracking data when you lose the expectation of what the scale says because if I was simply looking at the scale I would be jumping for joy.  I am not jumping for joy though because I didn’t lose fat, I lost water and not in a good way.  So today I will be hydrating upping my carbs to a reasonable level (I can’t believe we are one of the only people that ever seems to make the carbs hydration connection).  I’ll play my sleep by ear but it wouldn’t surprise me if I am OK in the sleep department, I have been well rested and I would rather be tired going to bed tonight rather than napping and potentially interfering with my sleep going into tomorrow’s competition.

Lastly let me say that if you eat low carb routinely and you sleep 5 hours a night I potentially just changed your life.

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