The top 3 things to live a long life with Dr. Andy Galpin (ETP Podcast)

The top 3 things to live a long life with Dr. Andy Galpin (ETP Podcast)

This week on the ETP Podcast, Dr Mike interviews Cal State Fullerton professor and all around brilliant researcher Dr. Andy Galpin.

Dr Galpin not only has a PhD, but has competed at a high level in Olympic weight lifting. He still coaches in addition to running a busy lab investigating individual muscle fibers.

In this show we talk about a wide range of topics including

Performance vs health (25:02)

The top 3 things that are associated with you living a long life (14:25)

How to know if you are progressing in the gym or not (43:02)

How to get better at running while running less, link goes to article referenced (33:11)

The unwritten rules of program design and establishing habits (52:11)

Why you should “lie” to your clients (26:01)

What separates professional athletes from regular folks (27:45)


We nerd out and cover a wide range of topics in the 1 hour and 30 minute show, recorded live on site at Dr Andy’s house


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