The Eat To Perform Guide to Just Getting Started-Day Eight

The Eat To Perform Guide to Just Getting Started-Day Eight

Day 8: Set goals, and don’t quit until you reach them.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I’m reading a book called Living with a SEAL. For the most part, the Navy SEAL in the book seems angry and brooding.  Except for this one day, when he is excited (in stark contrast to his normal demeanor). So, when the author (Jesse Itzler) asks him what’s going on, he explains why he is so excited.  “I got you guys something”, he says. Jesse lives on Park Avenue in New York. The former Navy SEAL living with him pulls out a backpack.  “What is that?” Jesse’s wife Sarah asks. “It’s a raft”.  The SEAL asks her to put it on. She falls over and says, “How much does this thing weigh?” The SEAL doesn’t blink and says, “50 pounds”.

Some gift, right?

big-backpackAs Jesse’s wife gives him a “thanks but no thanks look”, they ask him why he would give them a 50 pound raft. He says, “So you can get off this island”.  The SEAL goes on to explain that New York is one of the biggest targets in the world, and if something worse than 9/11 were to ever happen, the only way off of the island to save their family will be that raft.

I can only imagine the mom looking at her son at that time trying to figure out how she is going to learn to carry that 50 pounds on her back to keep her family safe in a time of crisis.

I talked about some of the things I was doing yesterday. Whether or not you can do pull-ups or pushups yet, that’s not really the point.  The point is that acute focus causes action.

Today, I will be doing my Airdyne tabatas, trying to cram for my fitness competition. Every hour on the hour, I will do single legged lunges 50 at a time.  I do one leg at a time for more acute muscle activation, but if you are new simply lessen the reps and alternate legs.

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The problem with the less, less, less model is that it often leaves people broken and confused, and often with more fat than they started with in the beginning. I know, I know, “this time is going to be different”.  What if it won’t be, what if you were meant to be more? I put out a video the other day where I said for us to win, the diet industry needs to lose. Some people laughed and said, “that sounds like a marketing gimmick”.  Nope, I am literally telling the diet industry what’s coming.  Eat To Perform is an EMPLOYEE OWNED company. Every single day of our life we Eat To Perform.  We are soldiers fighting against a bad relationship with food.

In five years when Eat To Perform is a billion dollar company and we have changed the way people think about food, some folks are going to ask how we did it.  My answer will be simple…….