3 Foods You MUST Eat If You Want Six-Pack Abs

3 Foods You MUST Eat If You Want Six-Pack Abs

Six-pack abs – everybody wants ’em, but not everybody’s got ’em.  There’s a very obvious reason why that is; they simply aren’t eating the right foods.  Part of this is because of a fatal error in what they consider a “food”.

WAKE UP.  It’s 2016.  You have a matter of months until beach season arrives.  Chicken breast and kale will NOT cut it anymore.  To get the slim, solid body you’ve been dreaming of and look sexy for the summer, you need to really expand your pallet.

These are 3 food you MUST eat if you want six-pack abs.*

3. Screw Drivers


Alright folks, please allow me to blow your mind.  To get a slim body, you need to eat slim things.  Do you follow me?  No?

OK.  Look at it this way:  have you ever seen a fat screwdriver?  NO.  You haven’t, because screwdrivers don’t have fat – they’re made of plastic and metal.  “You are what you eat.”  THEREFORE, you must eat screwdrivers.  Not only do they not have any fat, they are also completely carbohydrate free and very low Calorie.  This makes our friend, the humble screwdriver, the number 3 food you MUST eat to obtain the six-pack goodness.

2. Fish Tanks

fish tank

Prepare yourself for another revelation because revelries are about to reveal themselves.  Pet fish are in INCREDIBLE shape and they barely have any room to move around and exercise when compared to their wild cousins, the non-pet fish.  You know fish oil is good for you, you know fish are a high-protein food, and fish are just frickin’ beatiful.

Have you ever, for a second, considered WHY that is?

It should be obvious by now…fish maintain their slender, toned physiques even in captivity because of the TANK ITSELF.  The issue with applying this logic to humans, however, is that we cannot breathe underwater without the use of specialized equipment.  Thus, we cannot expect to simply breathe the fish tank in as a fish does.  No, we’ve gotta put our chompers to work if we want glistening abdominals and obliques like Magikarp.


Despite that one drawback, the fish tank deserves the number 2 spot on our list of 3 foods you MUST eat to get six-pack abs.  IT IS REVEALED.

1. Dumbbells

This one is easy so you’ll probably feel pretty silly about not thinking of it before.  I present to you, a photograph of a fitness model named Jennifer Nicole Lee:


How exactly did she build that physique?  Is it just genetics?  Hard work?  No dear reader, the answer is right before your eyes.  Or under your nose.  It’s there!  What is Jennifer holding in her hand?  THAT’S RIGHT, A DUMBBELL.  After the photoshoot, Jen no doubt sat down to a big plate of 3 pound dumbbells.  DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS.

So while you’ve been slaving away doing exercises with this fat-burning powerhouse – doing lunges, curls, extensions, presses – the SMART people have been using them to their full advantage and chowing down on the iron.

You may ask yourself, “Why not barbells?”  Well, you wouldn’t want to get bulky, now would you?  That’s why dumbbells are our number 1 food for getting six-pack abs!

*There are no foods you can eat that will magically burn fat or give you abs.  Changes in body composition are largely dependent upon energy balance and macronutrient intake.  Jennifer Nicole Lee did not build her physique by eating dumbbells.  Eat To Perform is your solution for sustainable fat loss, killer workouts, and performing your best in every area of life through science-based nutrition.  Please do not eat screwdrivers, fish tanks, or dumbbells.