Crockpot Shredded Chicken Will Change Your Life

Crockpot Shredded Chicken Will Change Your Life

For a lot of people, meal prep is a big part of the reason they fail reaching their goals so we are going to try and do more to help you guys in that regard.  That said, this is the “big kahuna” of meal prep.  96 ounces of chicken breasts.  I like Bare Brand and I buy them at Target but they are more expensive.  The brand isn’t the important part here though.

Cooked down it’s 64.32 ounces, so when I eat it I use that multiplier.  For instance let’s say you are using something like MyfitnessPal, the calories you are going to get in almost every instance are for raw uncooked meat because those are the calories on the label.  So if, as an example, you just weigh out 8 ounces, you are technically eating what amounts to 12 ounces.  So if you counted it as 8 ounces you are getting a lot more protein in than you imagined.

Now let me stop you here – how did I find out about how to do this?  From members! These types of helpful tips make HUGE differences and so if you are on the fence about joining this isn’t even one of the benefits we typically mention.  I honestly have never seen a more supportive group of people and it’s a joy working with everyone daily.  The one thing I never wanted Eat To Perform to be was some pulpit that I would hail down the ETP rules from.  I am one of the group and that’s by design.  Same for all of our coaches; we simply blend in because we enjoy it as much as everyone else does.

Here is an article we just wrote on some helpful items for meal planning.

So according to the macros I have listed below this made 624 grams of LEAN PROTEIN!  That’s 2,880 calories!

Also, one question that is being asked is “Did you add any liquids like broth?”and that answer is “No.”  It renders on it’s own and it’s done in like 6 hours.  So if you can’t be home, you might want to cook it on a lower setting.  Couldn’t be easier though.

Mine as well go all in.

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